Beyond the guru/sheik mafia: the ‘path’ requires ‘autonomy’ and the will to transcend will..moving beyond the guru/sheik/gautama/osho analog demonic spheres…

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The new age movement is a transient ‘reformation’ on its way to creating a secular version/versions beyond the corrupt and demonic possession of traditional legacies…

As Bennett makes clear the spiritual nature of man is a construct of will/being/ and this can’t be resolved by surrender of identity to a guru, especially a dead guru. The path is never a function of such gurus who can at most play mephistopheles with a dose of ‘consciousness’ at a stiff markup and the endgame of disciple/food consumption. The whole game is grotesque and needs to stop.

The osho brand is especially pathetic with its ‘mala’, guru focus, endless books distracting attention and making ‘enlightenment’ impossible, and ultimate zombie/fascist outcome. It is a version of one and the same phenomenon in what is left of the buddhist stream which is defunct. The Hindu spectrum is the source of this corruption but it is so diverse with such a huge field that one can slip through the net of the ‘djinn’s’ peddling ‘enlightenment….

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