Osho entity/spiritual rapist and fascist torturer??!!

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dangers of dead buddhas and ‘outstanding surrender license”L deprogramming ‘surrender permission’ syndrome. Voiding surrender by renouncing ‘sannyas’, with or without witnesses…
the possible danger to ‘fringe sannyasins’ living outside the ‘commune’…

fascist zombie syndrome?
license to kill:

what is dead buddha, beyond ewnlightenment?
You;ve been warned?


Debriefing Santana Dharma…new version

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Debriefing Santana Dharma…new version


Debriefing buddhism…

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R48G: debriefing buddhism…a leftist study project…?
August 18th, 2017 ·

we almost need a third debriefing book but the genre is hard to play out on the history of buddhism: our ignorance is appalling for what passes as a world religion. Increasing suspicion is casting doubt on what has been a successful con job by the new age movement. The Osho figure quietly blew the whistle here but seems to be in the same business…There is one important critical study of Tibetan buddhism, but that is a very late stage and cannot unravel the starting eras…
http://www.trimondi.de/SDLE/Contents.htm The Shadow of the Dalai Lama
This issue is of concern to the left which essentially needs to enter the religion business, and neither as a customer nor as a concocter. The left got clobbered in the early tweentieth century, didn’t you know, Mussolini was a ‘socialist’, etc…So the recommendation to study here is ‘quite crucial’….for ‘sober materialists’…. a long slow study…

Wilber, The Future of Religion…: buddhist propaganda bordering on gibberish

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Amazon Review of Wilber’s junky new book on the future of religion…

This book raises an important question as to the future of religion, but would seem to have failed to produce a coherent statement on this subject and ends in a species of gibberish that shows Wilber kidnapped by buddhist propaganda.and its subtle anti-modernism and reactionary ‘new age’ attempts to cast its antiquity into a new future. The history of religion shows an extraordinary flowering of religion in the Axial Age, but it also shows the birth or proto-secularism in the realm of the Greeks. It also shows the birth of democracy and its rebirth in modern times. The rise of modernity shows a strong movement beyond the religions of antiquity and the stealth efforts bordering on fascism to undermine modernity, freedom, and autonomy and make the future of obsolete religions a force of the future run by dead boddhisattwas. Wilber’s account doesn’t amount to a path and doesn’t make any sense. The fourth turning is a card trick and transparently nonsense. The idea of an integral path is not without interest, but if it means some interaction with science then the issue arises as to the basis for all this new agism in science. The obvious fact lurks in the background: the future of religion begins with a movement beyond buddhism, an accounting of hinduism, and an accurate history of these subjects that isn’t an attempt to ward off any real new future of religion.
Buddhism has a dark side and its renewed spread in the last generation is perhaps misleading: this religion is passing away as it dissolves in a secular context. The legacy of hinduism is cursed by its hopeless confusion over the issue of the aryan invasions and the reconstruction of ancient primordial shaivism as an indo-european legacy. The whole set of traditions are living a lie and if the future of religion means anything it is the passage to some sanity beyond the Axial Age traditions now so corrupted.
One of the strangest things about the new age movement (one of many from the nineteenth century) is that after forty years of gurus, teachings, much brouhaha, no real spiritual path is really an option for the majority of seekers. Fascist buddhism, incoherent advaita, hatha yoga, a rabble of phony gurus, the field is littered with rubbish and a cohort of ‘practitioners’ with virtually no cases of enlightenment nor any coherent statement of what the path of enlightenment might be.
Consider Debriefing Santana Dharma (amazon)


The Blue Brain Project – YouTube

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still another reformation?…//The Bad Jesus: The Ethics of New Testament Ethics: 

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Source: still another reformation?…//The Bad Jesus: The Ethics of New Testament Ethics: 

The left, new age-ism and Advaita…and class struggles…

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Source: The left, new age-ism and Advaita…and class struggles…


Debriefing Santana Dharma version 3

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