Cultural appropriation of yoga…? …egad, the invading aryans stole the whole of yoga from the indigenous indics who were doing yoga in the neolithic (and not in vedic or sanskrit)

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The confusions over yoga point to a larger issue: the globalization of new age movements and their rapid internationalization. The idea of yoga as some hindu resource has stretched to breaking point, as has the issue of hinduism itself.
We talked in a recent post of the need for a hindu reformation, in a context of the grotesque confusion by that name. Although this is at first sight something hindus must do for themselves the reality is also that in the process of globalization the whole game becomes everyone’s game and the only option is revolt, breaking up the older tradition, and finding some sanity in still another religious mess, next to the xtian and islamic.
The attempt at universalization was actually the historic task of buddhists, but that was long ago and the attempt to replace hinduism failed disastrously. There is a sinister side to the whole of this sordid history, on both sides.
The idea here that yoga is some kind of hindu property is typical of millennial muddle, and warfare, on this mass of stupidity.
Let’s state it: yoga is now a universal practice and can have no real connection with hinduism. A better criticism is that it is merely a phase of larger ‘eight limbs’ of yoga is very relevant, but at this point it seems likely that version of yoga is really an attempt to purloin the core idea of buddhism…

The great and sad irony here is that yoga is itself a cultural appropriation by the aryan invaders of the indigenous ‘santana dharma’ or primordial shaivism of the subcontinent.
It must deja vu all over again to see the absurd implication of some ‘hindu’ property rights over yoga in any form…


The stupidity of sannyasins in creating an ‘osho religion’…

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The osho realm is a very toxic and already criminal/fascist occult monstrosity into which an long procession of suckers has fallen. Sannyasins should be held partly accountable for this fiasco. ‘Fortunately’ it is not likely the legacy can persist along the lines of buddhism which osho wished to replace. We simply don’t need such movements any more. The current failure deserves to be scrapped…

OSHO – genius or impostor? | Manuel Cojocaru’s blog

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If we want to understand the “Osho phenomenon” we should start by making a distinction between Osho, his cult (Rajneesh movement / neo-sannyasins), and also the brand that was born after his death. This distinction is

Source: OSHO – genius or impostor? | Manuel Cojocaru’s blog

Oh no, it’s Osho: a villain speaks from beyond the grave

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Source: Oh no, it’s Osho: a villain speaks from beyond the grave

Ozen a victim of osho entity’s destruction of all possible rivals?

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How is it that Ozen declared as a successor is self-destructing?

It is my observation that the osho entity is completely dangerous to anyone who shows any proximity to enlightenment who might become a rival in the coming century, a very likely possibility…
Ozen should exit the commune bullshit zone and protest himself from his ‘master’s’ unconscious programming (from the bardo zone no less), ouspensky for example..

Sufi fana as a spiritual cannibalism racket?

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The disappearance of Michael Naut since Sept, 2015 in OZEN cocom, Cover up – by OZEN Rajneesh? – YouTube

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from critique of buddhism to a hindu reformation…

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The world of hinduism is that of an archaic monstrosity that can no longer live up to its hype. Confronted with the whole miasma of polytheistic paganism and guruism the ordinary religionist may as well ask to be psychically hacked.
Even the path to enlightenment has turned into a deceptive farce…


Enigmas of the Axial Age…

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We can see the exact concordance of the Axial interval and Indic religion, but this can very confusing at first.
Something went wrong with Israelitism, can we suspect the same in buddhism…Note that hinduism has no real axial age component EXCEPT its brief amplification of some primordial theme via the classic Upanishads…That is right and proper because it already existed and couldn’t thus be created…But buddhism and isrealitism both had tremendous wallops axial thrust but this soon became problematical…
The point here is that there is some kind of ‘higher power’ here, beyond god or IHVH or the buddhas, and it enters into the ‘evolution’ of civilization, which is however still man made…

To prevent abuse of theistic historicism consider the discussions in:

the illusion that archaic israelitism had anything to do with ‘god’ dies hard…

The hindus warned long ago about buddhism…

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And what was that? we need a more careful history of buddhism and its collision with hindus and neo-brahminism, which gives us the pot calling kettle black…
Gautama broke with tradition but was that really the issue?

There were many yogis who warned buddha would lead into hell, so he did, it seems…
But what is the real history and when did the whole thing go wrong?

Buddhism, before we get enraged, started with a superblessing from the mysterious Axial Age phenomenon and proceeded majestically (or not) toward global religious status, in almost perfect synchrony with Israelitism, both soon generating Mahayana and Xtianity. We cannot easily decipher the good and evil lurking in the macroevolutionary aspect of what to closer examination are flawed religions…


Is the guru tradition doomed?

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The Indian tradition is dying and while once thought of as a way for a spirituality beyond monotheism it now appears at the onset of its own dissolution.
New Agers should consider:

they have lost buddhism, now a fascist degeneration
buddhism, or mahayana, can’t produce any buddhas, that is disallowed
they have lost the world of guruism to corruption, black magic, and a host of other issues
hinduism was lost long ago and is now a degeneration of santana dharma:
there can be no further ‘path’ with gurus…
hinduism was totally confused by the Vedic/Aryan interpolation that distorted the entire legacy…
this flaw is impossible to correct and has instead produced advuta rightism…
the realms of yoga and advaita stand in contradiction and leave the question:
the issue of hatha yoga is spurious, who cares, it is not a spiritual method…
is there really a path to enlightenment?
what is enlightenment if the gurus all disagree?

the ‘seeker’ has no grounds to step into this corrupt terrain…

to be continued: the end of sufism?


Fox News Controversy on Yoga and White Supremacy Reveals Problem of Yoga Discussion | Alternet

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Source: Fox News Controversy on Yoga and White Supremacy Reveals Problem of Yoga Discussion | Alternet

gurus and fascism?..//The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump

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So why would the buddha entities wish to destroy modern democracy and degrade culture with drones like Trump?

To Trump, democracy is an enemy.

Source: The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump


Extraterrestrials? ghosts?

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Source: Extraterrestrials? ghosts?

Is the Era of Transhumanism a Final Corporate Takeover of Humanity?

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Source: Is the Era of Transhumanism a Final Corporate Takeover of Humanity?