Staying away from all gurus? in a world of e.j.golds/gurdjieffs/oshos/shri so-and-so’s your path is a form of idiocy and you are at best a ‘meal’…is it time to disband the buddhist sangha…

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It is virtually impossible to stage a spiritual path in the context of a guru/sheik or ashram environment. The temptation to control is too great, quite apart from other dangers.

We have suggested (although there are no paths) the most cliched and public brand: raja yoga, studied in private (its ancient form was (one suspects) a competitive version of the buddhist ‘eighthfold way’ which we do NOT recommend, or which can be studied secretly, and very quickly…).

Don’t be confused by predestigators changing labels. Raja yoga is pure new age crap, but contains the core of any and all paths, plus an ‘ethical wrapper’, the usual cover for guru hypocrisy (disciples are usually even worse).
In buddhism you are a ‘member’ subject to total domination of a dead guru. With raja yoga you can depart to a forest and after flipping the bird to all gurus behind a veneer of respect, proceed on the ‘way’, best of luck…

A totally difficult version of kantian ethics might help. The whole of raja yoga could be translated into, better yet, rediscovered in kantian (schopenaurian) terms…
Perhaps that’s one reason that the ‘new age’ movement was a sideshow to modernity. Modern man needs to find something better than idiot versions of yoga, corrupted by cannibal occultists and the fascist politics of mindconrtol of (raja yoga) suckers….

The hindu tradition is corrupt and riddled with caste domination: it is beyond repair, and therefore raja yoga is beyond repair.
But there is every possibility of soaking up its core and starting over in a new terminology…

Occult predators are not put off by disguises and ‘smell’ easy marks (raja yoga beginners) without much trouble.

The problem here is that on the average the honest men are fakes while the predators while rare tend to be savvy occultists (but fake spiritual yogis). Clearly the situation is hopeless. You are on your own.
You can also just walk down the street and ‘pay attention’, wary of the slang ‘pay’, an obvious exploitable flaw. The phrase ‘pay attention’ is itself a perfect example of the kind of exploitable flaw in declaration of paths, and the vampires are delighted to make you pay, with little or no attention, consciousness having been ‘slurped off’ to invisible ‘hungry ghosts’.
But the predators are rare: the odds here are not bad, if you keep a low profile…

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