[Marxism] Rise of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism

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Source: [Marxism] Rise of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism

An attack on ‘romantic buddhists’ as the buddhist estab intrigues with every kind of right wing, capitalist factions…let’s ditch all of it…

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This attack against a set of humble german romantics at the fringe of the modern transition is ridiculous. Meanwhile the buddhist world is now ensconced in all sorts of right wing, capitalist, and other shadowy activities. The abuse of occult power has been I suspect so extraordinary that what I think has happened is that modernity was among other things an attempt to evade this darkness. What on earth went wrong here? The culture buddhists would create would be dreadful.

I will say only I suspect the Gautama figure ceased to have anything to do with buddhism. What we see is something else. It is Osho who charged it with is juggernaut with creating nazism. A staggering charge.
I think we should simply ditch the whole legacy. And the Osho legacy is already heading into the same morass.

The path of yogis was never a religion: individuals retreated to the forest, alone. Buddhism was the first attempt at a world religion made of this cloth, a contradiction. The result is highly suspicious….


Nonsense about ‘romantic buddhists’

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NK, this is a really bad piece of scholarship. And I am still unsure who the Romantic Buddhists are. The world of the Romantics is not a suitable object of such hate, and the sermon about the real dhamma is crap. It is filled with the intolerant buddhist/jihadi contempt for modernity, which went out of its way to be bypass buddhism. Now the vampire is with us all the way to Boulder, with new attempts is Big Dick neo-buddhas like Osho.

We need to be done with it. the one ring goes to the cracks of doom when the tale ends. and the tale of buddhism ends. I hope the Osho version will clog on fart gas and never happen. the world has moved on. and it needs a new understanding.

I fail to see your point about the clarity and effectiveness of the dhamma. Whatever the case it suffers mechanization of thought and it likely sterile. and the whole game is caught in a triangle of confusion between hinayana to mahayana, etc…

The attempt to take over the world cursed all the ancient religions and they have all failed.

New Agers, buddhists, are expecing a new turning of the wheel of dharma as in the time of gautama, but it won’t happen. And haranguing german romantics isn’t going to help. the modern world simply ditched the axial age religions and is on another path and the discovery of buddhist nazis shows the wisdom of time in the flight of the frodos from the dark lords. to say the least

Now I get it, the gautama vampires surveying the german culture scene to stage their german nazi frankenstein…

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I am a little baffled by this essay on ‘buddhist romanticism’. What is the concept? the period of German Classical Philosophy and the Romantic era is what is being referred to. This was a beautiful period and it had nothing to do with buddhism.
Give me a fucking break. and look at the real german buddhists: the buddhists finally got their man, the nazi…

And what leaves me in a state of dread is that it just these humble romantics who got surveyed and spied on as material for a fascist movement…Grotesque…

If buddhism is a problem, sufism is even worse…

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The jihadi movement might give us a hint about what happened to buddhism at some point as the esoteric sphere spawned a kind of holy war against modernity. Instead, the result is the self-destruct of buddhism, soon to be followed by the self-destruct of Islam. And I hope sufism goes with it, a real gangster nightmare racket of cannibals.

What is enlightenment? noone is able to say, not even the buddhas

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A deadly ambiguity pervades the idea of enlightenment: the Advaita points to it: it is not an experience. and yet with Osho, Gautama we see the emphasis on the experience of such. And then we see Osho passing out of it. What is going on?

And these entities are a plague because once dead they seem to become fake ‘consumers of the will’ in the name of enlightenment.

I am twice suspicious. I think Osho and Gautama are two special cases who are given to create large movements, and that is a very problematical situation. I would say, dismantle buddhism and oshoism. We don’t need another army of dead zombis trying to take over the planet.

Look at the source of this: yogis reaching the forest alone, and becoming enlightened in a beautiful solitude. But instead now we confront these armies of dead boddhisattwas peddling bullshit.

If there is a problem with Gautama and Osho the whole legacy is in trouble.

The romantic poets may have not understood buddhism, but they weren’t Gautama gestapo mass murderers, so may be they came out ahead…

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I need time to read this piece on romantic buddhism, but it is beside the point. You sound like a gestapo agent in a buddhist colonial occupying force checking out romantic poets for heresy. And from what I can see buddhists hidden behind the pious front are deadly killers.

These poets may have not been buddhists,but they weren’t fascists.

You are anonymous here and your agenda is unclear but it suddenly gives some hints.

nemo said,

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NK I have yet to see a single enlightened buddhist. You proclaim the record of guatama in his time. But I am suspicious.

I have watched the Osho movement, with all the same potential and it has produced almost no result. So I am suspicious of buddhist propaganda. We have almost no accurate information.

As for Advaita, I can’t say. I am not an advaitist. I have also defended buddhism here against the neo-brahmins. but Advaita which is independent of hinduism is the probable core of the whole shebang. Mutual antagonism is not helpful in fact. It makes no sense to pit it against buddhism. they are in the same family.

My critique at Darwiniana, several of them, raises the suspicion that buddhism became corrupted and rotten, generating fascism in the west. And that the disciples far from becoming enlightened got turned into a meal and ended as dead zombis. How else stage a fascist movement with pious buddhists. Was there no revolt? What happened to the rebels?
I have learned what they do because I have been in a near war with the Osho /Gurdjieff entities: behind the scenes they demand absolute heil hitler obedience or they will kill you.

So do pranayama on my fart gas here.

Buddhism is dead, and it is better to let it slide into the sea. Humanity has to start over. Haranguing ‘romantic buddhism’ is a confusion. These people may have been romantics, but they didn’t claim to be buddhists.

This solves one of the mysteries of my eonic effect. Why did history ditch buddhism and start over far far away. We know now. The bloodythirsty vampire army of gautama was deadly dangerous. But it has collapsed now, its force spent. the whole public buddhism we see now is a waste product.

NK comments…

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NK said,

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I guess it is more appropriate to pick up the conversation here. I could comment ad infinitum, but I’ve made the points again and again and again…and they don’t seem to sink in. Using Buddhism as my reference point doesn’t come from a dogmatic reverence, but because I’ve studied it in depth and I can see where Advaita is lacking. Advaita is fine as far as it goes, but I’ve never seen one Advaitic yogi (ancient or modern) who is “enlightened” in Buddhist terms (they’re always Uddaka Ramaputta or Alara Kalama types). I guess it would be more appropriate to look through the reviews I’ve posted on Amazon and ask me specific questions about them (I’ve also posted reviews on non-Indic contemplatives like Bernadette Roberts and Franklin Merrell-Wolff):


NK said,

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Honestly, I think Kant is more important than Schopenhauer in establishing a Dharma in the West. Not that Schopenhauer can be grouped in with the rest of the German Romantics, but the main problem is that Westerners are confusing German Romanticism with Eastern religions from the start:


nemo said,

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Your comments are welcome, but resolving this is hard…

I have two books by Gombrich, I seem to have gotten the wrong one…

This forum is a study in general insanity, be sure you would rather post here….

nemo said,

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The issue of buddhist romanticism is unclear to me. The original romantics were not buddhists at all, and the phenomenon is a complex cultural complex associated clearly with my eonic effect. This was to be sure, a period of the entry of buddhist and indian texts and their study begin in earnest.
In any case the romantic movement is dialectical complement to the enlightenment, the western version.
The romantic movement is really about people like Keats who suddenly appear in a miraculous moment of the eonic effect. I doubt if Keats knew anything about buddhism.

Perhaps these romantic buddhists are twentieth century???

Perhaps you mean Schopenhauer. But he wasn’t a romantic buddhist. His transcendental idealism is an independent philosophic innovation from Kant that helps to see what many spiritual psychologies are struggling with but can’t get straight. He did have a buddhist idea of the negation of the will, and his pessimism resembles the first noble truth, but his main achievement is to create a new foundation for the future of spiritual subjects.

Mysterious darshan

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I have commented on this post at nemonemini.info several times here, but the confusion is hard to sort. This episode looks like a case of enlightenment in a guru field and I was under pressure to declare myself enlightened by the x entity, as propaganda. I resisted because it wasn’t an experience of enlightenment. I have attacked Gurdjieff who was right at least in one sense that there are a whole series of things round about ‘enlightenment’.

Here’s the real story, which I had forgotten: the experience (or non-experience) was an illustration of the ‘will’ factor, hence its miraculous character.

This goes back many years to the period after passing through the Gold circle (I was never a part of any of that, or of sufism) I went through a period of multiple guru fields PLUS under the Gold influence a study of Crowley’s works. It was the beginning of the period of doubts about gurus, and there were a lot of them, the absolute worst being Da free John, that gross mess of a teacher and sordid vampire. I resolved to never use any part of Crowley’s magick, but did allow myself a reading of his books, and I read all of them (many at the NY public library), including the toxic and dangerous whatever it was grimoire of Abramelin the Mage, Crowley’s main text. I bought a copy of the book, tore out one page, and threw out the rest. I resolved to never perform this ritual, but to consider the issue of will about which occultists have no monopoly. Will and the question of gurus, renouncing both. This was a period where I finally gave up on crowley and on gurus, and I recall in one episode walking across the rockies from boulder to small town fifty miles away where I go a job. It was a resolve to transcend the duality of guru’s and magical occultism. This was no small sacrifice since self-defense against a clear crowleyan like Gold can lead to many temptations to equalize by studying black magic. Better to roll with the punches and let the karma being that of the perp.

so to make a long story short my approach to the Osho field via freight train triggered this earlier ‘magical vow’ as the non-dual ‘will’ beyond ‘will’ and gurus. so what was happening was the real effect of what Crowley pointed to in his Abramelin operation, but totally different.

That is, this was an experience, or non-experience of the unseen action of the ‘will’, which I had had many times before. And which seems to be something beyond my ego or will, to say the least. It is the sufi world of the miraculous, a deeper, yet lesser realm close to perhaps, but not enlightenment. So this was quite different from interacting with a guru field, although that may have interacted with it.

Please, do NOT EVER perform Crowley’s Abramelin ritual (it is not his). Stay away from the occult and magick, and maybe one day the action of the ‘will’ will come to you.


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Time to abolish the Dalai Lamahood, dissolve buddhism// Dalai Lama Urges Tibetan Unity Under New Leader

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The charge of esoteric fascism against the buddhist sangha forces the demand to dissolve the religion. We don’t need a dalai lama, the whole concept is grotesque at this point…

Exiled Tibetans re-elected Lobsang Sangay as their political leader last month.

Source: Dalai Lama Urges Tibetan Unity Under New Leader


Tell that fart the Dalai Lama that buddhism is dead and to dismantle the fascist tibetan buddhism..

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Tibetan buddhism is a toxic mix and a labyrinth in which so-called ‘boddhisattwas’ move along a treadmill of false spirituality serving the interests of other entities not dumb enough to make such a vow.
the whole process should be dismissed and all such vows declared null and void.

The guru game has a fatal flaw: few of the gurus/sheiks grasp spiritual psychology, a surprising discovery…

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I think this gives a glimpse of what’s missing, which leaves the question: what is this ‘enlightenment’ displayed by indic yogis (very rarely?)

I think most gurus/buddhas are set up by a hidden entity who pust out ‘enlightenment’ on loan Faust style, leaving the vast majority in the lurch, and vulnerable to the exploitation of the whole gang of hidden operators…


“Choiceless awareness” is the catch 22 of buddhism/oshoism/yoga/advaita

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Choiceless awareness is the software flaw that leads to the wrong result. I suppose that that works well enough if you will it to be a method and you quietly do that, but in the context of a guru entitY (dead) it is a beautiful trick to make you let down your suspicions and end up a meal.
To neglect the factor of will is suspicious

The limits of the psychology of the buddhas (with sufism adding to the confusion)

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This post and other reflections here and at Darwiniana leave a strong realization that something is missing in the legacy of the buddhas. Noone, not even the ‘enlightened’ figures can really produce a full spiritual psychology, and the situation is about the same with figures like Gurdjieff, who talks a good game, but never produced a coherent psychology. Noone has one. There is a hint of what’s missing in Sufism, but the latter has no coherent version either, as far as I can tell…

Just a note…to be wary. Advaita is brilliant, but I think there is a contraction in its perspective…