Osho project blows up: asteroid belt navigation commences…non-dual yogic (bullshit) syndrome and the trick to create idiot fascists

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I had forgotten this early post, and then thought it was Calder’s imagination. But I think he is roughly right.
Since I have been recommending Osho study for leftists, how proceed? I never advocated becoming a sannyasin.

That’s easy: the Osho project explodes into an asteroid belt of fragments and loses its grip on us on the left. Navigating that asteroid belt is itself of interest. But Osho let slip into public view, as a non-fascist, the fascist confusion latent in ‘non-dual’ spiritual paths. None of the others do that. I think this Calder piece is roughly genuine. This is why Calder recoils from Osho. I met this seventies phenomenon in the seventies is several new age contexts. This has apparently been sanitized out.

Leftists have seen enough of dialectic, good and bad, to see that proceeding along non-dual lines can lead to a morass.
The solution is simple: non-dual reasoning is always a gross approximation of a state of consciousness that is beyond duality! These vulgar opposites are samsaric minds falling into duality!

I think in any case we are getting close to the way that esoteric mumbo jumbo influenced the emergence of fascism. Note that ‘fascism’ is not the ‘opposite’ of communism, so the non-dual in this as in all other instances is a fake construction of the mind’s confusion.

Keep in mind, 1. the non-dual Vedanta is one slice out of a larger spectrum of consciousness paths. It is the liability of inducing idiocy in those who try to balance the ‘duality’ of good and evil. Please don’t try that at home. It is stupid.
I think the primordial yoga never had this problem because it pointed to the non-dual in a real way. The later imitations have turned idiots into fascists.

I see no real epistemological basis for non-dual reasoning by dialectical zigzag. The ‘non-dual’ is beyond that.

This is useful: we have created a way for leftist study to figure out the hidden ‘buddhist’ strain of non-dual bullshit used to create fascists.

…..to be continued…


To be deleted….//I lose my tenuous connection to Osho

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Time to move on from this kind of borderline musing. The question of Osho is one of a definite confusion in reactions to ‘astral’ space phenomena.

The issue with Osho isn’t even news: an enlightened being becomes tenuous. But it is important to realize that the connection with actual disciples is tenuous enough. A buddha who has passed away would have a hard time dealing with a global field of leftist strangers. That’s all

Some might be puzzled at what is going on here. As the saying goes, what just happened?

I consider that I briefly had a connection to the Osho beyond, and in the process tried to transmit a left project for historical materialists dealing with the greater sphere of Indian religious lore and buddhism, with Osho one of the very few who has given a plug to the left.
I think that on that basis, and next to a so-called ‘Munzerian xtianity’ depiected at Darwiniana, and ext to a critical look at sufism and its legacy, there is an area of study for the marxist left. The spiritual domain has long since taken up its own ‘esoteric’ communism and could try to graft itself onto marxism, if its proponents ever got up the nerve to speak in public.
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Osho, the past slips away

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This blog has covered a lot of grouond since 2008. Below is a post about Calder’s take on Osho and a fascist phase. Calder is not reliable, or is he. This blog then changed gears when a challenge to Calder’s distortions(?):http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2011/04/08/christopher-calderkrishna-christ-and-his-lying-or-misinformed-%E2%80%9Clost-truth%E2%80%9D/

This kind of material will sink my Osho project for the left.I will not try to defend this as a mere dialectical exercise. But Osho is dead and all I intended was a look at one of the few gurus who also looked at communism with an equal energy.
In any case, Calder’s flawed analyses are none the less a reminder that the record has already been sanitized. You can’t even find his web articles anymore.


Rajneesh and the fascist connection

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It’s funny, I encountered this phenomenon, also in 1988, but in New York’s East Village, at a time when hundreds of sannyasins lived there.
From Calder’s essy on Osho

The last time I visited the Rajneesh ashram in Poona, India, was in 1988. The ashram was literally like a loud convention of German Brownshirts (storm troopers) by that point. Rajneesh, alias “Osho,” was still very popular in Germany, due in part to his comments in the German magazine Der Spiegel, which were widely interpreted as being pro-Hitler. Many young Germans, who were looking for a strong and charismatic leader, were thrilled by his words. Those who lost loved ones during World War II were justifiably shocked.

Even in the early 1970s in Bombay, Rajneesh made careless statements which could easily be interpreted as being pro-Hitler and pro-fascist. In one lecture on “esoteric groups” he claimed that Adolf Hitler had been telepathically propped up by an occult Buddhist group that Rajneesh himself was in contact with. During World War II it is well known that a number of Brahmin Indian yogis and Japanese “Zen masters” had supported the Axis cause and the extermination of the “inferior races,” so Rajneesh’s claim was not entirely surprising, if not totally believable.

In Poona, Rajneesh gave an infamous lecture in which he stated that Jews had given Hitler “no choice” but to exterminate them. In his last years Rajneesh declared that “I have fallen in love with this man (Adolf Hitler). He was crazy, but I am crazier still.” Rajneesh said that he wanted his sannyasins “to take over the world” and that he had studied Hitler to gain insight into how to accomplish the task. For a man who portrayed himself as the world’s smartest, highest, and greatest soul, such remarks were proof to me that his drug use had destroyed the quality of his mind.

Rajneesh’s comments about Hitler could be discounted as obnoxious but largely harmless hot air if it were not for the fact that he put many of Hitler’s techniques into practice. Rajneesh used Hitler’s “big lie” method of mind control very effectively, and he demanded total surrender from his troops (disciples). Rajneesh condoned illegal spying on his own followers and used informants to weed out the disloyal. Ma Anand Sheela, his personal secretary, turned the tables on Rajneesh by bugging Rajneesh’s trademark high-backed chair, a betrayal his “third eye” never detected. The Oregon police later found Rajneesh’s illegally taped conversations, but due to rules of evidence they could not be used against him in a court of law. The tapes were reported to be highly damning as to Rajneesh’s culpability in much of the commune’s day to day illegal activities.

Rajneesh turned many of his disciples into the equivalent of armed Brownshirts. I have received letters from several of Rajneesh’s former security guards who admitted they had fallen under the spell of fascism and now regretted their behavior and attitudes. One wrote that he did not even know how to meditate, and that the thrill of power was what kept him loyal to his great leader. In Poona, Rajneesh guards beat up an annoying local resident, his hands held behind his back as the guards pummeled him. In Oregon, Rajneesh guards were armed to the teeth with handguns and military style semiautomatic assault rifles. Rajneesh was never an admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian pacifist, but he did have a unhealthy fascination with Adolf Hitler, as well as the United States Army General, George Patton. According to Hugh Milne (Shivamurti), Rajneesh watched the movie Patton over and over again on his big screen projection television at his ranch house in Oregon.


The Illuminatus! Trilogy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Source: The Illuminatus! Trilogy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Gurdjieff himself will soon bail out?

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Gurdjieff was a devil owned as slave by unknown powers. They dose you with a few occult powers or displays in the context of that slavery. That’s the only explanation for the way he threw away his own teaching into the rightist goop/goof of the occult fascists of his generation. The dark side of the force and all that. But it gets worse.
He saw clearly that most of his students were children of democracy and, egad, modern liberalism.
I am surprised for example that he tried to approach the Russian embassy in the 1930’s to emigrate to a communist country. I can’t take that much further. But, along with other occult reactionaries and borderline fascists I think Gurdjieff suddenly found Hitler and then the Holocaust more than he bargained for. At the turn of the twentieth century these esoteric occult conspirators were mostly not antisemites and did not reckon on the coming of a figure like Hitler.
Gurdjieff is stuck in an ‘immortal devil’ reincarnation circuit that can’t achieve liberation. The foes of this monster should warn the future to capture him in his next ‘return to earth’ and subject him to a regime of breaking down his old ‘soul formation’ so he can be reborn into a path of liberation.

Anirvan bailing out?

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I am getting more ‘cries for help’ from the Anirvan source, as we have noted, still another author of a book with rave reviews of Gurdjieff. All the people who promote Gurdjieff find out the hard way what they have done.

Here is my review of To Live Within on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3QA0WVTY9KDKN/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

Anirvan was almost extreme in his Gurdjieff fanhood. But I think he wishes to bail out and is sending signals for help. I wonder if some Indian spiritual figure could confirm this? It is easy to end in (partially, or fully) imaginary thinking. They probably wouldn’t dare. I will leave the case open, but I think this figure doesn’t want to end up in the Gurdjieff world.
My review tried to point out the fallacies in his book To Live Within. Disciples should read this review and be wary of applying Indo-buddhist categories to an anomalous ‘rogue sufi, maybe’. We don’t really know who Gurdjieff was.
The real Gurdjieff can be a horrible shock. A ghost across time, immortal devil, he will allow a happy start starting with the infliction of suffering, and in the background is the crypto-fascist hatred of modernity.
I need to learn how the issue of ‘seeking refuge’ works. I am not RB Ouspensky, but some thought so and I have learned from their mistake the tactics rogue sufis use on their own fans. Note the Wikipedia article on Anirvan (WKPD doesn’t endorse the entry fully). He was the disciple of what appears to be a remarkable guru of Indian origin, and seems to apply this knowledge to Gurdjieff who was a very different kind of spiritual figure. We see the same phenomenon in Osho who very early read Ouspensky’s book, enthused briefly about Gurdjieff and then began to realize a problem. O r so it seems. I cannot evaluate or speak for Osho here.

Moral: to those who write books praising Gurdjieff I would suggest slipping away and if possible disowning your books here. Gurdjieff was absolutely clever in getting writers to produce books praising him. The whole genre is a fraud, and has caused thousands to fall into a dangerous trap. You are obligated to try and assist these victims to escape this spiritual dungeon for torture baraka.
Note that Anirvan has never met anyone in the Gurdjieff world and is referring to his experiences with an Indian sage of some kind.

The future (next) generation is going to show a lot of panicked refugees from the new age movement. The deceptive fascists will suddenly be revealed and people (if they are luck enough to figure out their previous lives) who were tricked into ‘disciplehood’ will be trying to escape.

The world needs a spiritual path that isn’t at war with modernity and democracy.


Religion or postreligions of the future

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Ozen Rajneesh

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Controversial: perhaps deactivate //Staying away from new age jewish ‘gurus’

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This seems like strong stuff, but it is not antisemitic. It is an attempt to prevent a monopoly effect in the new age movement. If you don’t think this is possible look at the history of Israel. After the first generation of idealists a second wave is not so nice.
But I think this can be overdone.
The new age movement is moving into a new future and at some point there would be Xtians, jews, moslems, buddhists…
Consider the post under challenge, but I am not afraid to say I wrote it. And soon jews will end by agreeing with me, as their interior ‘spiritual elite’ reminds them of who their owners are.
This is dangerous and troubling terrain. Of all the attempts by jews to dominate religion in the wake of xtianity, this episode is the ugliest. But I have no confidence this is the full or correct picture. And my account is contradictory: a sheik like Gold wouldn’t control that terrain, so what is going on?
The appearance of young jewish nazi empowered with the plexus tech is downright scary and yet the logic was obvious as per my previous post.He flipped the bird at jews in the attempt to move in a fair direction. But this fellow was a petty thief and a pretty desperate case of sufi ‘malamat’, so I can’t figure it out.
To be fair, jews often suddenly move in the Jesus direction and get a taste of the hidden jesus, and think it a part of judaism. The above case was like that: a mysterious jesus identification.
I think all that has been stripped from the Gold sphere. That leaves a few carrier stragglers like me with no way to resolve the confusion. There is absolutely noone who can help.
The advice I seem to have gotten from the Osho direction was that in the bardo transition such things are stripped away and you are reborn with a clean slate.

Perhaps we are seeing successful resolutions of this mystery in the sufi lineage of saints, and the classic ‘completed man’ of that tradition.
I think that the phenomenon of the ‘jewish new age guru’ taking over a lineage line is part paranoia, but also a real quagmire as we can see.

The real new age is waiting for jews to assimilate, if only partially, and then their talents can be effective.

The only sane way here is to try and dump the seed plexus and/or proceed on a new path. It is possible to multitask paths if one is ‘almost’ turned off. Best to move toward the world of meditation, etc…
The whole Gurdjieff work simply moves at a tangent to the real thing, sadly. Everything seems set up for this special process but none of the people in the Gurdjieff fold ever learn anything of this. The cruelty of these sufis is horrible.
The classic image of Jesus could be helpful here if we had a better sense of it. Jesus combined many many different aspects from gnosticism to buddhism and was a human treasure. But I fear we have lost him and may need to simply walk away from substitute Jesus fantasies. I think Jesus has passed beyond the beyond and we see only a religious machine in the churches entering a new era.


Power grabs, souls, early Xtians, and the buddhist brain drain

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My drift of argument here, to be brief for a gruesome subject, is that a group of hopeful sufis arrived at the Gold arena in midseventies with a gentile and jewish candidate, destined to be plexus-seed transmitters in a balanced directive. No sooner did this group dismiss, with the field of seeding turned on from outside the school, than the gentile was attacked ripped off, and rendered unable to function on any level. This sent the paranoid suggestion of an attempted jewish take over effect.
This would be silly: a whole group of people become carriers just as bystanders in the group.
The big question is, what are the facts, is there an interpretation of the few facts known, what is the status of this hidden technology, and is there any truth to the usual charges of ‘jewish this, jewish that’ in regard to question of control and domination, this in the context of a jewish ‘guru’ who openly boasted of ‘playing monopoly’ on many levels…

The conclusion here is that we can’t conclude anything, should protest the bungled operations done in secrecy, the manipulation of innocents in the display of ‘baraka’ with its unstated catch-22plus. Sufism is a game of saints and pious hooded hopefuls in the context of a peculiar new style of vallainy making jokes about the dark side surprisingly unfunny and regrettably apt.

As for the jewish domination effect and charge, it is surely paranoia as to something impossible. The seed-plexus phenomenon can surely multiply ad infinitum and is not a limited energy phenomenon, and could in any case be reentered at a thousand points in any number of sufi groups. But the reality I suspect is the rarity of this. Whiy? Xtians I think were the first here (Judaism was always about ‘no soul’) with Jews from Israelites and Xtians to realize this benefit in a true spiritual path. It seems to have died out early and thence to reappear in Islamic sufism. That is the superficial guesswork that is relevant to the tale.
This could end in paranoid recriminations.
Let me note that jews and Xtians have royally fucked up religion and that Islam has no such impediment to realization. I will stop short of judgment, despite these facts.
The general public could go wild over this, and the issue here is the caution to not create spiritual monsters by this method. But to my impression the monsters are real and control this process, so many may elect to stand in reserve here until a new public source is able to realize itself.

In general freaking out for being left out is OK for five minutes, but to a larger perspective it is actually better to just be aware of the mystery, and also to consider moving into the ‘buddhist brain drain’ that takes most efforts to become sufis. Why become a devil controlled by some unknown djinn. Better to move in the circles that honestly lead beyond samsaric adventures.

Our idea of the man with the million pound note shows a way to deal with ‘not having’, as a guide to a potential future for all humans, slowly realizing.

The question of Hollywood(/Bollywood)

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Let me withdraw my two posts on the issue of Hollywood and sacrifice as too vague to be understood, and without the correction evidence. Since the statements given make no accusations and state nothing specific save a few pieces in a larger puzzle, but issue a warning that the students in the New Age world must be very wary of whom they are dealing with. If a guru or sufi suddenly makes a reference to sacrifice, always recoil politely and demand clarification. Never surrender the will to people who use ambiguous or loaded categories and fail to specify (as buddhists always specify) their meaning.

The question of Hollywood here should be cautioned with the suggestion that it was not sacrifice in any sense to do with Hollywood actors in given films, but a play on the surface with embedded messages. But beyond that the whole mini cosmos of Hollywood (and Bollywood) is saturated with a kind of egoic monstrosity effect, and generates a riddle beyond easy understanding. These are very recent enterprises in world history, so perhaps the clues are arriving.
What does this mean? Occultism is so demented we reject its forms. But real occultists do exist. Don’t envy them.

But in general the effect of Hollywood movies is starting to suffer the suspicions of ‘private eyes’ in the spiritual domain, who complain that this medium is anti-meditative with the commercial erotic littering the unconscious with the phantoms of captured vision. It has become a perverted medium with debased credentials for art Well, perhaps it is also the result of hunger in many for information about the world which remains unseen, untraveled. It shows a technology for the voyage into undiscovered country and the first acquaintance with humanity for many.

In any case, I think the world of Aleister Crowley, rubbish plus rubbish, points to a real unseen world of real occultists, those who have reached the dark side, there to prosper briefly and perish in hell. I will name no names but stand by my suspicions.


Unacceptable for the world leader of sufis to be (past tense) dabbling in (sacrificial?) magic

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It is unacceptable for the world leader of sufis to be dabbling in (sacrificial?) magic. Since we have no full proof we should instead void the authority of all sufi sheiks and move on.

People like Gold don’t have the right given in dementia by crowley to murder people.

Note that you are free of any allegiance to any sufi shiek. I have had it claimed against me that since I spent one week in 1976 with a few sufis I am beholden forever to these gangsters.
You may have to fight you way out of sufism.

Going into ‘gurdjieff groupie’ shock

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Reading this short-lived blog I sensed the immense hurt recoiling on me at the dawning realization all is not well in the Gurdjieff kiddie ride realm. Behind the kiddie rides are a bunch of gangsters. I think I am right in my stark cold-turkey approach to Gurdjieff mesmerization. Look at the New Age Movement as a whole: those who pursued meditation were on track. Those who tried anything with the likes of Gurdjieff have gone nowhere. Get the point.

Cold case: ‘Grease’ and the mysterious Hollywood ritual sacrifice racket….

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NOTE/UPDATE:This post shows fragment evidence and makes no charges oraoccusations.


The case of Barry Lyndon was one of the original issues that led to this blog, and the term ‘cold case’ is appropriate for all of it. But the Barry Lyndon case echoed something in the Gold circle, where a few people noted the signatures of ‘sufis’ in Hollywood films. What was all that? Barry Lyndon collated a set of “the one word’ puns on the names of two goldies.The collation of Barry and Lyndon was the signature for some kind of margical ritual.

The case of ‘Grease’ is obscure, but the suspicion is there, and the ‘three volts’/travolta is a curiosity that is passing into history, to be forgotten. I recall suddenly becoming obsessed with electronics (around 1977) and had a funny idea about ‘three volts’. I knew alot about the math of linear systems but was totally ignorant of the technology. I got the classic Radio Shack 99 in 1 kit which allowed making electronic gadgets like radios a simple five minute job (a great toy for its time).

That’s the end of the story. I learned later that Idries Shah was a bit fan of electronics, so maybe I was momentarily picking up a sufi echo. This is as close as you are likely to get to hidden sufism.

I think the answer here is that people were tracking down the reincarnation of Ouspensky, maligned for walking away with Gurdjieff spiritual energy: they ‘sacrificed’ his spiritual energy, and this echoed out into a Hollywood film.

Crazy? That goes without saying. Actuall nothing has been said: the core facts are that people around those sufis often thought they saw sufi magical echoes in Hollywood films.

Cold case file. The case of the movie Grease is less clear. But this might someday flush out some answers.

Moral: don’t trust sufis further than you can spit.


Cut the sentimental tears…the issue is occult fascism…

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I am surprised someone should feel so hurt by this blog. But this is a failure to see the crisis in new age culture. This is the generation that heard Osho blame the Nazis on buddhists. Everyone has been reeling in (hidden) shock since the seventies here. Really vituperative counter is a result and can’t be challenged with sentimental chitchat about conscious men.

Gurdjieff does deserve defense against Nazi leanings, if the evidence is there. But the whole occult world was in a state of madness in that generation. Gurdjieff, I think, recoiled, but never spoke out. Whether his presence in Paris throughout was an issue is unclear.