Osho behind the attack on Gurdjieff?

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One interpretation of this blog is that Osho wanted someone to attack Gurdjieff, pick me, without anyone finding out what was up. I think Osho suddenly realized he could not mix his world path with that of Gurdjieff,if only because the latter is unspecified and takes the sucker on a ride chosen by the ‘master’ who has never divulged what he is up to.

Getting Schopenhauer on the bandwagon…

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Schopenhauer is a neglected figure, but he created a foundation for a new spirituality for the future. In fact, reading his work in the late nineties was an experience very close, I see now, to the kind of euhphoric low altitude ‘enlightenment’ that many advaita fans (see previous post) speak about now.

Schopenhauer should be given his due here and join the fray. Keeping in mind that his thought is transcendental idealism, a very difficult KW summit near Everest. But if you can suddenly ‘see’ his elegant philosophic mist in one take (and many many have done that, from Wagner to many others) you have a jumping off point into a version as yet unconstructed of the kind of enlightenment pointed to by Nisargadatta. But Schopenhauer couldn’t quite figure out what he had, although he soon saw he was in the realm of the Upanishads…It is still in the mind, but I f ear so is much ‘advaita’ realization.

An honest plateau created from philosophy, a base camp to rest on the way to a higher peak beyond thought.

The Advaita Disease: On the Tendency to Proliferation

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This advaita fad is a mystery to me, and I missed almost all of it.

I fear that the foundations are insecure, but the basic point is good: to give people some dignified ‘success’ at its most basic level. But this expansion can’t do the trick for a whole movment…

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Paul Brunton

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I am getting a kind of message from this direction: people embedded without realizing it in reactionary spiritual formations who aren’t going to stand for the ‘heil hitler’ on demand routines being weilded in the background…

To the left: a takeover of Osho commune…

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I think that the ‘Osho entity’ is a diffuse fuzzy incompetence fading away into astral dayglo, should be relieved of his command, and that the original idea should take effect. At this point the left should (forget me, please, the gurus all wish to kill, so far in vain) and take over the Osho commune in spirit if not in practice (with an intent to learn) and create a foundational materialist spirituality that can be an intelligent response to the fact that the historical materialists are stuck in the early nineteenth century and have been left behind by a global culture that is integrating modernity with legacy religious streams, such as buddhism. The left should simply carry disintegrating buddhism into a new future beyond the fascist nightmares of the ‘dead buddhas’ of the antimodernist reaction of the nineteenth century, a phenomenon that has left ‘buddhism’ like a man walking a few more steps with his head cut off…

The Osho world is being destroyed by multiple enemies, but its wreckage is just as good a starting point…Sufism in extremis and the ‘Munzerian Church of historical memory’ discussed at Darwiniana can come into conjunction…


Don’t let that fart the dalai lama and the deep fascist core behind him create a fascist esotericism out of modern buddhists.

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Don’t let these gurus or the Tibetans turn spiritual obedience into a venue of occult fascist control.

It is time to move to destroy the mystique of the gurus, and void all surrenders. The movement of buddhism is a stealth antimodern fascist movement with a whole population of dupes.

We don’t need this. We can’t rewrite modern civilization with a corrupt buddhism created to govern a medieval Tibetan feudalism. How did this idiotic waste product of buddhism manage this stupidty. With the fall of nazism, that was the end of it. The remnant is just a bunch of hasbeens trying to reinvent a dead fascism.

Time to simply dismantle Tibetan buddhism. It is something almost empty behind its facade.


The answer to the five way system of murder (designed to make a fool of, murder, those unsurrendered, like me…didn’t work)

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The counterattack here is pretty simple, and works far better: a five way system of ridicule of five (or more) guru/spiritual sources….:

Tibetan buddhism, and that fart the Dalai Lama


Xtianity/and its hidden legion of black magicians attacking critics…eh…that is six…

Shouldn’t we include Ramana Maharsi? Such a sweet fellow, …doesn’t everyone know yet his public image is, eh…misleading…I think the truth leaked out during the Da Free John years. The latter was one of his aborted disciple/gurus…what the blazes was that????

This situation has the smell of an EJ Gold bit part in the three, no five way system of murder…

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..but I think this game works both ways: Osho can attack me behind the accusation of Gurdjieff (Gold?)…


Some posts on mindfulness

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Staying on the defensive….

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I had thought the Osho world a reliable zone to mediate the confusion over the sufi seed plexus phenomenon.

I was wrong. If the Osho/indic guru field gets their hands on it the will be tempted to create drone zombies. I can see little compassion as claimed in the buddhas at this point.

Did I do something worng? I think you should NEVER again trust sufis, buddhists and Indic gurus of any stripe. The equivalent to the seed plexus phenom must have existed already in India, and we can hardly know who has been enslaved…

Needless to say, leftists in a field of those who preach caste laws are in the wrong game. They can create their own, but will they in turn be honest?

Time to finish off the Osho wreckage?

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We have been deceived by the Image of the buddhas…Osho’s abuse of me is going to get a really thorough up your asshole treatment.
I think this blog finished off the Gurdjieff movement. Maybe the same is due for the Osho budding mafia, with Tibetan buddhism and that fart the Dalai Lama as chasers…

Some recent post at darwiniana

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