Parliament of crows: crossexamination of rogue sufi sheiks as to factual histories of occult practices toward students: the student’s right to know

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The rise of ‘sufism’ in the New Age movement created a series of anomalies, and the generally retrograde character of the movement was made worse by the deceptions, disinformation, malevolent black magic, abuse of authoritarianism, hatred of westerners (I forgive that one and drop the case), use of Jewish fronts for hidden agendas, etc…
The remarkable thing is that ‘sufism’ has never been defined, even as people’s lives are on the line to the stated authority of sufi ‘sheiks’, a term never defined nor given decent examples or documentation.

With Ej Gold these abuses are acute and the idea of a Parliament of Crows (a parodist reference to The Parliament of Birds) is a way to propose a court of legal, extra-legal, assemblies, for formal discussion and arraingment of ‘sheik’ figures by their clients, disciples, victims.

With Ej Gold this could take the form of ‘legal’-type interview and cross-examination to determine the nature and extent of practices of witchcraft, mindfuck (to be defined), unconscious suggestion, punishment via ‘withcraft’ for punishment, punishments in general for disciple failures to ‘surrender’. We see in sufism a system where spiritual authorities assume the right of life and death over their flocks, a state of affairs so outrageous there can probably be no real future for sufism in open societies.
Repeated spiritual rape by ‘sufi authorities’ is a notion so grotesque its Islamic context itself must come under examination.

Figures such as Gold are in reality conmen who have never given any indication whatsover of the grounds to claim being a sufi, grounds to be a sufi leader (‘sheik’), and the assumption is that he is simply an impostor.

Such legal interactions (according to a definable natural law, perhaps) would need to be monitored by a higher spiritual authority, and be conducted under rules of perjury.

This nexus of ideas is almost comic in the context of the sufi thugs, criminals, conmen, pathological liars, false prophets, and just anything but a spiritual teacher.

In the absence of this kind review the situation simply deteriorates into a hidden magical war of all parties.

One thinks back to the period of Idries Shah and his book The Sufis: the amount of sheer deceptive falsehood in that book is remarkable in retrospect…

Time to condemn the whole legacy and to warn in extreme terms those who suggestibility makes them vulnerable in this circle…


Buddhas more dangerous than sufis?

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The recent occult attacks trying to separate me from Osho backfired because I am already extra=_Osho, looking backward into the past.
I have already furthermore produced a better critique of Osho and understand the problems there. In fact, someone like Osho, a buddha, is almost worse than a sufi occultist, condemned to use magical techniques of limited power. An enlightened is potentially far worse because they have reached the ‘nobody’ left here/sorry wrong number phase where the pool of buddhas fades into a sort of unified Goo of metasamsaric previously existed ‘atman’ nobodies.
That’s at the level of the deepest unconscious and you might never realized you are mere astral centimeters away from King Kong in the background.

Parliament of crows: the need for a court of judgment and appeal for victims of rogue sufi sheiks (like EJ Gold)

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Despite the many efforts to expose the black magic of Mr. Gold, and the efforts to request him to stop it, the results have been zilch and all the protests here usually get a mocking in your face repeat, don’t question sheif sheiks, asshole, bham…
The problem there is that sufism is going to go into examination and then down the tubes.

The idea of a court of appeal for students of sufism is a good one, and it will infuriate the bigwigs if it ever gets close to realization. All these spiritual hierarchies are filled with authoritarian sadists who claim the right to do what they please, up to the point of murder.
That’s not going to survive into the real new age of the future…

With the Parliament of Crows (cf. Yeats’ ‘another lineage feeds the crow’) we have a useful new line of enquiry and discussion…


The end of the surrender mirage

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The age of spiritual surrender is over, over and out. With figures like Gurdjieff and hardcore sufi mafiosos like Gold spiritual surrender is a quick route to some really nasty exploitation.

If you surrender to a guru does that mean you surrender your life, autonomy, and finally your soul? Does it mean you have no further say in your future incarnations? Yeeeps, these folks are insane, and fallen into eviel. If there is even a hint of this kind of extremism you should be long gone asap. Do NOT ever ‘surrender’ to anyone at this point: the whole idea has fallen into oblivion and come to serve evil.

Make it clear: be absolutely ruthless (logically): spit on the guru’s image, to say goodbye in your own mind (might do that privately, please). Your autonomy is your ego, but the two are not the same.

You can always surrender to the ‘universe’, or to your higher self, etc,… But the authoritarian mode of gurus and sheiks is defunct at his point. Its true meaning has been lost.
Go study the eightfold way in buddhism. You will suddenly realize that the guru/sheik game is a late distortion.
The original form of the guru in India is unknown, and probably doesn’t apply. Osho was clear: he never had a guru.

In any case, you will not reach enlightenment by surrender to anyone, leastwise the crooks like Gurdjieff or Gold now trying to rig the meaning of the terms.

How about surrender to God or Jesus Christ? No exceptions! Exceptions are the road to ruin, like having worms enter your computer.

You can’t surrender to Jesus anyway. How can the ghost of this fellow reckon with one billion Xtian idiots fawning over him for benefits. It can’t be possible he either listens or cares. He must have a rocket to Betelgeuse to get a good nights sleep (for a ghost?)

Surrender to ‘god’ is actually quite different, and can be something mysterious and helpful, once upon a time. But at this point the whole game is perverted and there are too many malevolent entities who will impoersonate ‘god’ for any of that to be worth the bother.

Surrender is dangerous. Don’t ever surrender to figures like Gurdjieff, sufis, Gold, etc…

That makes the question ambiguous with gurus like Osho. No exceptions. No surrender. Tell him to go fuck himself, ghost to ghost???


Given figures like Mr. Gold, time to boycott sufism….time for total boycott of guru ‘surrender’ legacies….?

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The time has come to move beyond sufism, and the Gurdjieff version, by boycotting the phony baloney discipleship status used to invultuate, exploit, and used to legitimate experiments on the unsuspecting. With Gold a new twist of Jewish exclusivism in disguise has compounded the perversity of the Gurdjieff brand.

This is simply common sense at this point, from my perspective. Sufism is unsafe any speed with figures like Gurdjieff. With Jewish chauvinists like
Gold Gentiles will find themselves in real psychic danger, unless the submit to complete domination. The Jewish sufi case is rendered obscure by the way these Jewish sufis, so far as I have met them, propose a version of antisemitism in the fascist overtones of the rightist sufism!!!

Just stay away from all of it. You yield your autonomy to mystical life in a game controlled by thugs, now Jewish in a phase of obsessive takeover and will to dominate. Read our article, by the way, on German music and antisemitism: http://darwiniana.com/2014/07/13/booknotes-forbidden-music/

The same thing is happening to sufism: for millennia a Gentile religious cult, now a real attempt to take over the whole game by a Jewish sufi ‘sheik” (who has never stated any connection to actual sufis), Gold, who talks now of ‘Jewish sufis’, the Gentiles in his game being therefore who?

Sufism is a broad subject with its core quite safely hidden in ‘Sufisheikistan’, so this phenomenon may abort, but, whatever the case, I am struck by the malevolent cruelty of sufis, and this goes into overdrive with Jewish operators like Gold
These people, if you will read the last paragraph of Gurdjieff’s tome where he speaks of religious duty of continuous death energy production, are attempting to make life a ‘concentration camp’ death experience in ordinary life. Don’t let them get away with it. It is bullshit squared and cubed, but a profitable form of spiritual cannibalism for its perps.

So I would say, boycott sufism. Totally. Do not ever engage in spiritual surrender to these sharks in sheep’s clothing, religious clothing.
It is an artificial monstrosity of distorted antiquity (you can perhaps see an echo in the extreme cruelty of the Jewish story of Jesus, an old gnostic echo, whose factual basis is obscure to us). You owe absolutely nothing these creepy horrors, now compou8nded by the supercreepy Jewish brand), who have made the ‘work’ some higher esoteric compulsion. It is all bullshit.

Here, clearly, the source is Gurdjieff, so don’t adopt any antisemitic nonsense.
Moslems have always had a suspicion of sufis. Small wonder. The phenomenon of sufism has absolutely no true spiritual status. None. So don’t fall for any of it. And there are many other brands quite distinct from this. But even so I would be wary.
Once you surrender your ‘will’ to a sufi magician he can exploit you like an unconsciousn slave over many lives. Be very afraid of that, and go elsewhere for your bullshit mystical impusles.


The dangers of sufi black magic

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Sufi black magicians like EJ Gold will make it very difficult for the Osho commune if it is a question of me: i recorded last week an attack from a ‘sufi’ source to wreck my Osho relationship.

I had none to wreck, and saw the tactic. My harsh remarks are long outstanding.

It is difficult to know how to proceed here, but amateur teachers can’t do the job of continuing the legacy.

The charge of atheism is a standard excuse for attack. It is just an excuse.

I don’t know of any solution to this problem short of reaching high states of awareness.

I don’t wish to subject sannyasins to revenge from my enemies, not theirs.

You simply roll with the punches to survive, keeping a focus on the mainline intent. If that changes, it could be black magic, mind control.
These sufi vipers are deadly.
Someone who reaches enlightenment is the best option. But that is confusingly unlikely in a passive follower doing Osho business.
My harshness is an insistence I cannot perform this function. The original idea reamins of value: a resource of study for interested leftists.

Osho sannyasins are a bunch of dildo-brained tantric nitwiks….Osho got what he deserved and wants me as a fixer…fuck you

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I have completed my gesture to study/upgrade/replace the marxist legacy. Since it is not likely to have much traction, the parallel Osho project on the left can get flushed down the toilet.

I find it hard to thinks that Osho’s sannyasins could ever make good leftists. Done the tubes on that project.

Meanwhile the dark world of Gurdjieff and sufi sharks is waiting to invade the commune and turn it into a racket. Beware of this dire possibility. Turning the commune into a fascist movement is certainly on the table.
Maybe better to dismantle the commune.

At this point I think Osho has to leave me alone, so I am long gone….bye

Why don’t you go hire Zizek to be your guru. Right on, baby…

Running out of new age options

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I can’t get out of this circular ritual of Osho forcing a project, trying it out, trying to move on, and back to step one. I have to protest that I simply can’t relate with his sannyasins, so that is the end of it.

From now on, it is going to get more impolite.

In fact, the options, at least for me, in the New Age world are dwindling:

Xtianity, busted, useless for more and more secularists. I am already ‘born again’, big deal. A sick joke. Jesus Christ is NOT you personal savior.

Tibetan Buddhism, busted. hidden fascism, hard core close elite, waste of time. Danger of harm, invultuation, severe. AVOID!!
Buddhism generally? you cannot easily follow its path anymore, Zen, forget it: oulala museum piece. Thailand?
Sufism, busted. What is question never answered: mystification for abuse, exploitation. Danger of invultuation, severe. AVOiD? Too late to avoid, fight your way out…
Gold group: absolute danger. AVOID…huge zero
Gurdjieffianity: same as sufism. no path, fake, path of devils: sufi slave market, tries to create reationaries out of liberals. danger of invultuation: severe, AVOID.
Islam: too dangerous to deal with or comment on. Pass on stat.

Oshoism: never been to India, threw away mala, sannyasin name fake, no relationships with sannyasins. Not welcome anywhere there, so what’s Osho’s angle?
danger of invultutation, very severe…

Further options?


No option but to move on

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I am in a strange position: I get attacked for mere proximity to Osho world by really malevaolent sufis. I can’t leave because I didn’t arrive, and don’t submit to such pressure. But it is better for someone with so many enemies to steer clear of his (cowardly?) sannyasins.
I think I have made my point. And the second point is that an Osho version of a leftist sadhana is far ahead of the dismal fascist/rightwing world of socalled sufis.
But what is a sufi? Good to know before people in or out get killed.
Bullshit, that’s what it is.

I can’t linger near the Osho world with no ability to communicate. IN a year, no a single gesture of communication. Osho must be desperate. He knows I can do nothing if I can even exchange emails.
But he can’t find the people he needs in his commune???? I find that hard to believe.

He must know who I was in a previous life and have some motive there.
As I move on I will remain close to this ‘situation’.

In any case, I have independent tasks to perform, e.g. my views on history and evolution. Noone, not even an enlightened buddha has a right to control that.

But staying close to a ‘buddha sphere’ is the only protection one has from malevolent sufis like those in the Gold world.


Who is Ozen Rajneesh?

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The Osho puzzle

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I have done what I have been requested to do: set up Osho as a resource for the left, but I forgot one thing, something the left won’t forget: what is the relationship of a leftist to an Indian guru. The answer can only be Osho’s own answer: his claim that he never had a guru. Leftists with their allegiance pegged to reactionary gurus will do a disservice to radical activism in record time. Still, that’s too cold. The left should study these issues carefully because the other instant result is the possession by things far worse than gurus. The whole game in a way depends on disciples, with the keen insight into their crucial role.
The question here is easily solved: the mode of surrender arises naturally in the presence of a living guru (read the saga of the living Osho and his sannyasins), but after he is gone there is a problem, to say the least. Evidently some spiritual power wishes to promote a future legacy for Osho, and I am briefly involved in trying to comment on this. I do not have the resources to do this right, and I am the wrong type. As I approach the boundary to the buddhafield I seem to set off the ((buglar alarm and get my brain fried.))>>that was a bad metaphor, but it is a metaphor, so maybe the statement stands. (Osho is a futurist and still an authoritarian traditionalist) I then recoil away from the Osho mental sphere.
Maybe I ‘solved’ the problem anyway, and should have been long gone taking myself out of the picture: a field of future buddhas twenty-four in number along with a global/local realization of the classic Indic tradition, in a possible attempt to skulk away with the term ‘santana dharma’ in the process. Not so easy to define, let alone bring off.

I think that there is a possessive quality here, and noone on the left can be a valid spokesman as a disciple of a guru and his ‘business’, so I am off. But the overall context of this puzzle remains of interest.
In any case this is a no-kidding situation: entering a guru sphere is not kind to Enlightenment autonomy: a dangerous spirit can take over the unconscious, and you can’t fix that short of enlightenment. But that could easily block enlightenment.

This situation is perhaps asking for a new spiritual pathway for the future, pointed to by Osho, even as the new world of post-feminism shows women to be so more naturally capable of ‘surrender’, where, as this blog shows, men get into an endless fight over everything.

The issue here is not New Age gossip, but a way for revolutionary communists to defend themselves against occult invultuation, thence to find a pathway for ‘materialists’ in the type of legacy shown canonically by the Indian tradition.
But let us note that Jainism gave birth to non-violence, while the path of Mohammed could reconcile a revolutionary monotheism with warfare, jihad. Many reject the latter, and praise the former, but the reality is not so simple. In the period ca. 600 the stark reality of the Dark Ages confronted the who realm of Occidental civilization. That desperation led to some drastic spiritual action. The correct understanding of Islam and sufism is easy to come by.
The point here is that a buddhist in a cave isn’t much of a revolutionary.
I can’t resolve it, but I suspect that the lesson of revolutionary buddhism was that it wasn’t revolutionary: it got wiped out by neo-Brahmins who produced a track, I might note, warning they would not honor non-violence: the Gita. Medieval buddhists I suspect took that very lesson to heart.

I think I have made my point, and am being sent packing by the ‘entity’, and will baton to someone coming next. Back to feral dog mode, I guess.


LFM online

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The Introduction to LFM and the Public folder at drobox for LFM PDF fileshttps://www.dropbox.com/


Counterpunch ‘yoga industry’ articles

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Another interesting article on the yoga Biz from Counterpunch, and in looking for this again after reading it yesterday, I came across a second story:


Ehrenreich review

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Barbara Ehrenreich on Why We Die and the Purpose of Life
Her new memoir depicts a hyperintelligent child struggling to understand her circumstances.

I have not read Ehrenreich’s book, but I am suspicious that both she, and certainly, as here, with this reviewer (Grayling), the actual experiences considered are being filtered through an ideological lens, with the result that it is unclear what is going on, and equally clear that the aggressive, apparently ‘New Atheist’ perspective is demanding in advance that certain things not be possible when in fact they are being described as having happened. In a way, in bypassing traditionalist discourse Ehrenreich stumbles into a new perspective not resonant with traditional mysticism. More power to her if that is a genuinely creative discovery of a new continent of experience. But it is not clear to me what category of discourse we have entered, or artificially created to ensure the dreaded ‘religious angle’ hasn’t invaded the complacent ostrich world of the New Atheists. And, finally, the suggestion that all such experiences be brain phenomena is simply a dogma of scientism, which has so far done more to obscure ‘spiritual experiences’ than anything else.
In any case, Ehrenreich has entered a new terrain, it ought to be OK to explore that without New Atheist doctrinal inspectors passing judgment on what that should be.

Reinventing antisemitism??? After E. J. Gold gentiles need to be wary of Jewish gurus…

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The New Age movement has arrived at an impasse without even realizing it: the movement is turning rancid as it exposes its own failure to really amount to anything. And one development is the way many of the legacies traditions are turning into Jewish controlled outfits. I don’t wish to be alarmist and think the by far the larger number of Jewish New Age teachers are universalists who believe in the spiritual potential of Gentiles, but the fact must be faced that that is not always true: the case of figures like Mr. Gold, and I will accept a challenge to refutation, shows what I suspect is a brand of covenental Judaism that considers Gentiles inferior, exploitable, and deserving of equal treatment, and even worse, open to ‘Gemini’ sacrifice plays in which one Gentile is sacrificed to supercharge a Jewish figure. Let me add at once that for all I know someone like Gold himself is giving me the warning, the motives of that figure being something else. We need to be careful of not overdramatizing a marginal phenomenon, but to also be wary that spiritual inequality once took off and became tragically normative: in India, with its egregious creation of the law of caste. Ironically that was an Aryan issue imposed on indigenous Indian spiritual tradition. Hinduism still hasn’t recovered from that. We can see the phenomenon in formation in a different context: Israel, where from the beginning spiritual inequality was turned into a political norm, with results so completely disastrous that the lesson to be learned is immediate. I always thought it ridiculous to raise this issue, but now I am not so sure: underground voices call fro the creation of new forms of caste, and some call for the creation of a spiritual brahmin effect for Jews, after all, look at Tibetan Buddhism, etc…,
I think simple exposure will solve this problem, as the New Age movement changes gear, and begins to dissipate. The issue is simple here: there are too many Jews devoted to spiritual equality to make this a serious threat. But these Jews tend to be driven away from Judaism…

I think Jewish figures wishing to show leadership should assimilate. Period. Who gives a shit about Jewish cultural fetishism at the point of addressing non-Jews on issues of other legacies.

It is important to consider that being ‘Jewish’ is a religious category and has an energy dynamic that can’t be shared with Gentiles in the case where a Jewish stand-in is promoting a non-Jewish tradition.
I have often pointed to Karl Marx who clearly understood this problem, and made strong efforts to deJudaeize so that he could properly communicate with Gentiles. He was in any case technically a Christian, so that was that. But an immense effort has turned him back into being a Jewish figure in a Jewish cult on the left.

Before protesting this consider the lunatic danger to all Jews created by those who wish to invade/dominate spiritual legacies, viz. sufism, attempting to make them Jewish controlled. These are dangerous legacies to begin with, under suspicion of being corrupted by exploitation of the worst kind (spiritual cannibalism, and other dark jokes).

I think that simply being aware of these issues will create the needed change. The old religions of the Axial Age are passing away, and we are moving to the point where new spiritual movements will emerge, perhaps in ‘secular’ form.
This is, please note, a constructive warning and suggestion to Jews: no future religious foundation is likely to prosper or even be possible with Jewish leadership. If that seems unfair, look at Israel. In fact, I can see that spiritual powers are forced to bypass Jews to find Gentiles to do the work. At this point the whole game is pointless until Jews assimilate and some of the dark power of Christian domination passes.
But to a Jewish ‘secularist’, pause and reflect: atheist Jewishness is still a religious category, and an especially good way to exploit Gentiles, as the case of Israel makes clear.

What to do abut any of this? Nothing can be done, but history is rapidly moving to solve it. Christians find the terrain moving under their feet, while Jewish assimilation is accelerating. The question of Israel stands an open condemnation of the whole possibility of Jewish chauvinism, wishing to impose social, political, and spiritual inequality on non-Jews.

The case of Hinduism is instructive: so need to be careful to not let that situation come to dominate the Jewish/Gentile boundary.

In a strange way, the people of Israel as they spawned their world religion, mission accomplished, retreated into a shell and became a kind of secondary breeding experiment, to be so vulgar as to point it out. In the new era their function seems to be to assimilate into a larger population to the profit of both sides.

In the meantime, a Jewish person given the opportunity to show New Age leadership needs to be damn clear he believes in spiritual equality, has repudiated Jewish chauvinism, and is not going to sacrifice Gentiles in religious/magical experiments. The autonomy of all spiritual aspirants must respected and they must not become drones in a robot/spiritual surrender game.

There is a funny conclusion: if the situation is this hopeless then Judaism/Christianity are going down the tubes, and sufism, (Tibetan) buddhism are probably right behind them.