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Discussion of an NK comment

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Did Ouspensky really solve Kant’s problem?

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Dead sufis, abjuring ‘god’ to ‘en gage’ sufi sadists, the real saboteurs….

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The real saboteurs here were sufis, a new problem in a global new age movement: people who would destroy a path to enlightenement and make people worship god as robots….Best to throw down the gauntlet and abjur ‘god’ to declare war on such people. Sadists looking for atheists to torture to death, a great religious pastime.
Ordinary muslims are beyond this, but sufi degenerates like God are in the business of destroying the path of enlightenment thusly…What a pathetic remainder of the now dead sufism..
Abjuring ‘god’ is not atheism, but a challenge to theistic sadists to expose their destruction of the god meme…

Invading india//

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I am looking through Bennett’s book on Shivapuri Baba: I am left with two questions: what forest did he disappear into and what do yogis eat in this forests. Need info on nuts and berries native to India.

Battle plan:
rob a bank
catch a plane to india
deternmine jungle zones
…consult with Tourist Info desk at airport: native fruits of India…
Thence to jungle ‘nowhere’ to plan invasion…
“…remember me and fight”

Invading India to break the grip of the hindu law of caste?

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Indian has created global connections with millions on the basis of its religious legacy: but that legacy will die if hinduism can’t sort out its contradictions and produce a Reformation that can deal with the confusions of caste. Westerners risk rebirth as Sudras in this confusion, and should come briefly, and be begone soon. Don’t let hidden operators take control of your rebirths. A little yoga is just a come one.

The real legacy is buddhismm, or was, but this is an Axial formation. It will self-recycle. I think Osho tried to create something for a new age, but the result can’t compete with buddhism, which came out of the Axial Age slingshot and had many hidden advantages. Osho’s one man operation was brilliant, but it is hard to set in motion a vehicle like buddhism in a modern context. The whole thing has become commercial. Buddhism with insidious reactionaries and fascists in Tibetan buddhism will soon be abandoned.
Time to learn from Osho’s trial and consider how to proceed.

Tantric capitalism with an excuse from Nietzsche

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A dialogue with Osho sannysasins was timed to match the publication of Last and First Men with its connection to Osho in the Preface: I will have to issue a reprint removing the reference to Osho’s books.


Osho must have ditched his commune. The whole game was suspicious: greedy Indians with a spiritual front: sucker westerners into a lucrative racket with tantric come on’s. Result: a mass of idiots who won’t go anywhere…

I give away all my Osho books, and move on.

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To the new agers out there, consider: someone spent two years trying to create a dialogue on issues of postcapitalism and Indian religion. Result: not a single response. zero. I got the message: since the message was directed to Osho sannyasins I must conclude that such sannyasins are a. brain dead, too lazy to bother… b. reactionaries who never respond ever to leftists. c. I am an idiot and wrecked the message/opportunity… If b we are not friends and I must withdraw a recommendation based on Osho’s clear dialectical moment in the communist issue (also the author of Beware of Socialism). Naive materialists would be cut to pieces in this muddle of surrender, ego destruction, and the politics of Hindu case, Modi et al, and the dead guru cannibals of Bollywood, the final valhalla of failed shakti gurus.

I have made my point, and will adopt c/above: too idiotic to finish this project. Someone else finish it. A future communism could use some of the classic methods of buddhism. It can’t, I fear, use the path of gurus. Osho pointed to the way, and then betrayed his followers: he had no guru, but established his own guruhood. I can’t figure it out, so I will simply move on, with a survey of many other possibilities, starting with Nisargadatta, a suggestion appearing in my unconscious to check him out. The original project is Fuck you, wrong number. We are now enemies.

This is sad: we will end with historical materialists liquidating sannyasins in mass murder. You know, you could have produced one comment in six years. The accesstoinsight people commented almost very day.

Nothing from these deadbeats.

The left has another option: stealth study of these legacies: check out Osho works, etc…and other literature. Work fast, and then move on. If you come to the attention of spirit entities of India, be strong and move on Fulfill the Osho path: no gurus. Move under cover. You can do the whole thing in secret.


Isis a picnic compared to source Islamic Jihad

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I have tried consistently to forestall the anti-Islamic chauvinism of the “Islamophobes”. But the debate is flawed on both sides. The chauvinism of many of the New Atheists competes with the historically naive views of their critics.
The real answer here is to see that classic jihad is no longer a reality, while what pass for ‘jihad’ now is closer to a colonial revolt via blowback against the depredations of the neo-imperialists who no longer bother with ‘colonialism’ via colonies, but do what they did in Iraq: systematic cultural rape with motives connected to the Oil game, dressed up in neoliberal privatization gambits: the whole charade of the Iraq war. It is not terrorism to revolt against this other ‘terrorism’, far more real.

The term ‘jihad’ requires careful study, because its meaning stretches through a complex semantics. But the original expansion of Islam was a series of military invations, with very large casualty rates and plunder of local assets followed by a state of domination lasting for many centuries. The correct recounting of the facts is difficult and is confused by rival claims of Christians and secular bias.

The issue now isn’t really jihad, but the means of self-defense against the plunder of the neoliberal capitalist powers.

Panic button? // illusions of Xtian spiritual comforts

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I think this stands as a useful exercise, but I would suggest it is a bit too scary on the ‘demon’ issue/illusion: if you get such phenomena out in the open in a serious phase of ‘meditation’, even if in quotation marks, you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t panic.

Also, the endorsement of Christianity as some kind of solution here is misleading, not what I meant: these organized religions will brainwash you into robotic normality, nor more. But it is worth trying to evaluate the chaos of much Christian spiritual practice as history records it. The place of some dreamed of ‘Jesus’ and/or angelic powers makes the subject too obscure for most secualarists, believers aren’t much better off. The place of prayer is unclear: it seems far inferior to meditation.

The Islamophobia debate

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The illusions of the Gita legacy…

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We have an extensive ommentary on the Gita and its illusory tradition… search under Bazaz, Gita

Caste and Capitalism

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Uttarakhand, the 27th State of the Republic of India is also referred to as Devbhoomi, or “Land of the Gods,” believed by Hindus to be where the sage Vyasa authored the epic Mahabharata. The sacred waters of the Ganges originate in the Himalayas of the state’s far north; the sources of the river’s four chief tributaries collectively make up one of the holiest pilgrim destinations for Hindus: the Chota Char Dham, or small four abodes of the gods. Travel to the area, once undertaken only by bearded, orange-robed sadhus, has become wildly popular in the past decade. By 2012, the state was seeing up to 28 million pilgrims and tourists annually, double its own population, and tourism was accounting for a huge 27 per cent of the state’s economy. But the good times didn’t roll on. Last year, tragedy struck.

This recent tragic episode of Indian history is symbolic of what’s unfolding throughout the nation’s religious, socio-economic, and ecological fabric. You have Hinduism and capitalism on one side and natural ecosystems and the country’s poor on the other, and a continuous experiment in all imaginable combinations and permutations playing out between them. Both of these paired systems are dying, but one of them is dying faster that the other.

The keystone of Hinduism is caste. The roots of what we refer to as the caste system today, Hinduism’s chaturvarna, or four varnas, can be traced to Purusha Sukta, “The Hymn of Man.” It is believed by some scholars to be a late addition to the Rig Veda, the earliest example of Hinduism’s Vedic literature dating somewhere between 1200 – 900 BCE. The hymn contains the mythological origin of the universe, which involves the cosmic sacrifice of the purusha (primeval man) and his subsequent dismemberment. In this way the four-caste system was born. From the purusha‘s mouth came the Brahmins, the priestly caste; from his arms, the Kshatriya, warrior/military caste; from his thighs, the Vaishya, business/trading caste; and from his feet were born the Shudra, the caste of toiling agriculturists, artisans, and fisherfolk.

But outside of this four-caste network, there was said to exist yet another, fifth artificial category of human being. It comprises those referred to as India’s avarnas, or outcastes – those today called Dalits, literally meaning broken, crushed people, as well as the Adivasis, India’s original inhabitants, its indigenous communities. Other titles given to these groups include, pariah, untouchables, depressed classes, and Gandhi’s paternalistic epithet, harijan, or ‘children of god.’ In India, today, it is these communities that make up the low-paid farm hands and contract laborers.


The guru game is dying, and needs to be finished off…

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Moving toward Nisargadatta…more insane fury from the Osho direction. I suspect this is a hidden sufi game to program attacks against Osho, who, also, is too far gone to be a directive. It is pointless to proceed further with dead gurus, beyond studying their legacies/books.

I will try to cover the trail and my tracks here with a whole list of brief looks at gurus. The problem with this rejection of gurus is that if we say this then we can’t exempt figures like Jesus Christ (or Mohammed) and this provokes the fury from that religious direction.
The problem is not soluble because contact with the dead is constant, but beyond any understanding. Vigilance is the only resolution.
It doesn’t work for a dead guru to direct a movement. But with Xtianity a massive effort to do that did proceed. And this we suspect now was connected with Mahayana, and with the subtle manner of Gautama to delay final enlightenment in the birth of the bodhissatwa’s path. But I wonder if he delayed further than the medieval period.
We must judge the result as we enter a new era… We can’t easily resolve the comparison with Islamic history where the sufi legacy is so obscurely posed as a response to Xtianity, which had no gnostids, and therefore no gnostic mafia. I don’t think we will ever figure it out. Something/who was fingering me briefly, and has passed on.

http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2014/10/05/updated-review/ ‎
To the author here I would demand her own reckoning of the ‘karma’ in writing a book giving absolute power to gurus in the name of surrender. The victims of attempted murder will not cherish her groupie groupthink with its ‘oulala’ phoney profundity, especially after ditching surrender to indian gurus for an ugly creep like Lee Lozowick. And the loose groupie talk of ‘sacrifice’ with an insane predator like EJ Gold is simply nuts, and dangerous for the victims she will never meet.

The authority of gurus does not condone ‘human sacrifice’, magical experiments or black magic, soul murder, manipulation of the unconscious, capture into reincarnation, destruction of will, and revenge/punishment for failure of absolute surrender (and the Heil Hitler test, with its variants…).

I think the whole guru game is going to suffer collapse, so we should try to reconstruct the various types of the path for a global community of free individuals. In any case, you have to fight your way out of the game if you insult these shadowy cannibals, the dead gurus. The best ‘weapon’ is meditation. But meditation can’t all be ‘surrender of the will’. Without the will these demons will have a field day, and have corrupted surrender.


Instant ‘night watchman’ pseudo enlightenment effective immediately for meditation idiots to get through 24 hours of demonic fixation.

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I am not a spiritual teacher but I can recommend one meditation or exercise as a lifeboat. Before discussing consider Eckhart Tolle and Adhyashanti, two western figures who found some realization, with paths indicated and who speak now of something called meditation. Your move. I refer to ‘Link Walk’ threshold meditation: the absolute bare minimum threshold meditation possible. Go to the description below if you like and disregard my commentary. But people exert the ‘will’ to meditate but mostly fail. You can ‘will’ to do the super easy, or hard, link walk as a purely mechanical exercise, and succeed, creating a context where consciousness can spontaneously tune in. Your will to link walk is the will to start, and try to restart. NOT the will to succeed at the impossible. Note the subtle difference: meditation is fail always. Link walk is close to ‘no fail’. And as cheap as breathing.

My idea is important as a warning to consider meditation pronto, starting today. Asap…If you have read this blog you will know the experience I depict shows the attacks of ‘demons’ in the phases of meditation. Secularists don’t believe in demons so don’t believe in them. Consider a rare success in Crowley magic who is as real as a human, save that his magic is to eat you alive, if you come to his attention. This example shows that superstitious nonsense about demons isn’t quite the nonsense its seems to be. Are there such beings? 99% fail at being demonic humans, but rare cases like the demon Gurdjieff are quite real. His veiled language was pretty clear here. Don’t adopt bullshit beliefs about demonology that so confused Christians. But don’t assume ‘secular’ thinking works either.
In the now famous words of John Brockman, nobody knows and you can’t find out…this is the terror of the road through meditation. It is not therapeutic stress relief! We should watch and respect the Christian, say, who overrides this situation with a kind of god supervision in a religious community. All I can say is that the statistical result is skewed positive, so I would hardly preach the new atheist advice to abandon all of it: the road to a billion insane formers. We can’t simply throw these people into the nightmare world of meditation. Note however that generations of Christians were cursed with demonological insanity, so recommending a semi-buddhist way out is also an option. The New Testament clearly says, Watch, for ye know not…Christians were clearly advised to perform some meditation in action. The world of prayer is so confused at this point that one might recommend meditation with prayer a conscious exercise like the formal recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. But the chaotic muddle of god/prayer beliefs are highly suspect in the eyes of known buddhas. You can’t solve this problem: see to yourself first.

My point here is simply that if you do buddhist meditation you must deal with the issue of the demon Mara. You can’t just amputate such a key issue. You must reinvent buddhism for a new era, not so simple. You can also adopt the traditional approach and simply be wary of and vigilant as to your own unconscious. Buddhism probably doesn’t actually require belief in Mara, but you are stuck step one here. I have a funny feeling Tibetan buddhists have some answers here, but they are on a Mahayana path, which is very different.

(People like Sam Harris are trying to deal with this kind of issue with ruthless neuroscience. I don’t think it works. But confusions of neuroscience and confusion about demons are about par, and you simply meditate all brain thoughts into nothing either way. But the issue of ‘invultuation’, captured will, is real..Trying to reinvent meditation in the context of science is something that almost had to happen. So we should cautious in judgment. See what happens here. There is absolutely no reason why people with science beliefs can’t reinvent meditation.)
This may be illusion, but you can infer acts of will in your unconscious and that means you are in trouble. As a near beginner here in meditation, I was not ready for the attacks. To deal with this you must be continuously aware and on the alert. You must be able to stand watch twenty four hours a day. That’s impossible to start, so you are stuck. Solution, don’t fake it, but adopt the lowest to highest grade standard you can manage and start your assault on a whole day. Since you can’t be aware, you can simply proceed with a mechanical procedure I call ‘link walk’. Simply pause and watch three breaths. And then go about your daily tasks. If you do that once an hour it is a big achievement. You can’t manage much but don’t give up and simply try to remember to make your day interspersed with ‘link walk stops’… You probably can’t even do this much. But you can probably do it twice a day. Start with that and consider taking to to the once an hour level, hard, then every few minutes. But if you are busy this gets hard. Actually there are easy ways to conceal link walk in social situations. If you are swamped with distraction revert to the twice a day level and start over. Note carefully: this is a mechanical exercise done without higher consciousness. But it is still a gateway method, one you can do starting immediately. You can limit the damage from demonic possession and suddenly banish that, but you need to be able to do link walk fully for that. You are defeated in advance, but you can start over and over. And simply trying counts for a lot: you must check to see if you ‘will’ is still intact. This is the Frankenstein method short of mindfulness or meditation in action…but if you simply account for your life throughout the day (and tackle the night hours of sleep) that’s a considerable thing, and you have a powerful method of the simplest kind. It is ‘meditation in action’ reduced to linkwalking for those who can’t do meditation in action.

    Link walk threshold meditation: try to approximate meditation in action with ‘link walks': walk through your day, but stop at given or spontaneous intervals: try to focus attention, and/or watch three breaths. Then continue, all day, with night time a void to be approached to whatever degree you can manage….Sleep is the advanced case with the ultimate result, far far away: awareness during sleep. The minimum here is perhaps simply to detect if you dreamed. That’s it. You can fail/succeed here as you keep trying.
    It is a reminder that real meditation is something you can’t do. You can start to approximate it. Reinvent this for yourself and/or disregard our ‘insane’ remarks.
    You can start this as soon as you wake up and do a series of ‘stops’ in the link walk every few seconds moving five to ten feet. This could jumpstart longer intervals during the day.

Be careful here: this lowballs out short of meditation, but actually touches it repeatedly… You can always add a (sitting) meditation period: and you notice yorself trying to meditate. We mentioned the ‘will to the impossible’. Linkwalk might be too easy. Gautama is on record willing the impossible, gates of glory or bust. But he had the equivalent of years of link walk down pretty pat. He was ready.

This is something beginners can do easily, so what they consider, while meditation diehards seem to get more and more muddled unless they live in a Zen monastery where a group will keep you afloat. That discipline is a priceless help, even if only the habit of discipline, but who can afford/find a Zen monastery. Idiotic thought. You are alone, and if you end up breakfast for the demon Mara, nobody will care. Keep in mind that working in a group is useful but limited. Working alone is a recipe for chaos, but you succeed even a little bit that is almost better than the cooked meditations in group situations. Don’t knock the later, however, they are about as mechanical as our suggestion. You must manage on your own. That demon mara is of course nonsense: it is more probably some dead guru out for a vampire moment. If you generate awareness through meditation they will rip it off at once. This mechanical pseudo meditation they will leave be: it is not one of those ‘Hydrogen 24 to 12′ glory meditations. Hydrogen 24 ( bear with me with this ‘nonsense’). All that is going to be ‘donated’ to unseen rogue spirits. Rogue sufis will kill for Hydrogen 24, your birthright, so you can climb down the mountain and do the Frankenstein linkwalk at level 48, but with a slight difference.
Before rejecting this consider that rogue Da Free John: he openly depicted the ‘meal moment’ of ripping conscious energy in seekers. So don’t assume this is crazy.
Sitting meditation is important, but it has a catch: You do it for, say, an hour and then get up and fall asleep: it never goes anywhere. You must consider the impossible higher standard at twenty four hours. You can embed sitting meditation in meditation in action, and this raises an interesting question: you can catch the ‘devil’ sometimes, once only, with a trick: insert a stealth meditation into your meditation: This is two meditations. Your behavior suggests meditation and that is the target, your real meditation is a stealth linkwalk, and it has no ‘energy’ to rip off. It is simply samsaric dead man walk with a minimal quick ‘wake up’ when you can remember to stop and watch three breaths, and move on. But these demons will soon figure it out.
So keep changing the details. The basic method isn’t fool proof but it will in the end make you inedible. It is dangerous to bring in talk of demons: it leads at once to confusions and secularists won’t even listen to such nonsense. But the exercise above can sometimes give you a sudden of a willed action not yours in your unconscious. Move from here to some buddhist legacy that is describing this, perhaps in old fashioned language. But that will not make any sense, as with our reference to “Mara”. Keep in mind that much buddhism despite degree of rationality proposes ideas that make no sense, like the ‘demon Mara’. If you can’t figure that out, be wary of buddhism. Stand outside it and learn what you can from a classic way, mindful you may have to rediscover the subject.

The above is far too complicated perhaps, so drop it and simply consider the ‘link walk’ substitute for real meditation, described in one line. You will soon have you own insights here. The problem here is that meditation requires higher consciousness, while you are supposed to be meditating to find higher consciousness. This is the reason meditation seems so rarely to succeed. But don’t give it up! Meditation is really a variant of our link walking. An emergency ‘waiting forever’ with a chance to create the habit of discipline, fake or not, to carry you through to a real moment of consciousness.

In any case, it is important to see the dangers of the endgame and prepare while young to achieve stable habits. These are not frequently paths to real consciousness, but they can at least keep you out of the entropic situations that beggar you life and make you a drone to unseen powers.