Books books idiot gurus…$2000 dollars of Osho first editions packed and ready for the public dumpster…it will remind me of a lack of frienship

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I am moving on from the Osho world, with no conclusion, no finale, and too many books…they linger like talismans of black magic, starting with their photos…
Hey, Osho warned: get rid of books…

Rule of the game #?: if you can’t afford to go visit a guru, don’t fixate on his images in a book…it is psychologically destructive…

Unfair to Chopra?…check out the sorry list of garbage bestsellers at Amazon….a fairly wretched repertory

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Osho is an earlier version of Chopra, and his paeans to wealth have a catch all too visible in Chopra: garbage is a problem….With Osho the problem is the sheer weight of the books, hundreds…and all of them have no real result.

Chopra’s books are filled with bad science, deliberate con job science…

What deepie choppie’s net worth?

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The whole game of Indian spirituality needs to be put on hold until some clarification of ‘capitalist dharma’ takes place. I think it is just over. We don’t need the money factor as neoliberal class warfare added to buddhism (or what’s left of it). It is not a valid dialectical innovation. It is the very poverty thinking that Osho found to be problem in the India of a generation ago. He should have castigated british imperialism for impoverishing India. And been mindful of the fact that Gautama did not worship poverty: he left a palace, as one rich, in a culture of rich men sick of social existence. They were not embracing poverty but renouncing the world.
I understand that sentiment better than the Osho of the India of the fifties where poverty was so stark it was repulsive. OK, but why such a stupid reaction.
At no point have cultures of spiritual seekers truly adopted poverty as charged by Osho. Perhaps a few individuals, but world renunciation is different.
Osho the fake guru for the rich only, full of shit

It is almost impossible to figure out how any intelligent liberal person, let alone a supposed buddha, could utter the sheer stupidity as Osho does here on the subject of poor people.
The neoliberal world is already licking its chops here to horsewhip the poor in the name of Osho. It has already started in the prosperity gospel churches (probably no accident).
Osho’s thinking is a stupid blunder. It is the american propellor cap ‘permanent growth’ mentality of a generation ago.
As the world system plateau’s out, the poor are going to stubbornly remain with some real shits as Osho disciples trying to control spirituality.

A little reflection could have spared us of this kind of garbage. It is beyond forgiveness…

This is the mentality of the (expatriate) Indian shopkeeper, after the Chinese the most narrow and grotesque selfishness. I watched these creeps in African bleeding incomprehending africans with their contempt for the poor (to say nothing of racism…).

Am I enlightened? a quick credentials check…

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I am in a unique muddle: an enlightened person has called me enlightened. I know that’s not true, and am challenging a guru. That’s a ticket beyond gurus! to say the least. One is already enlightened, to be sure, so the real question is, as one ‘realized’ enlightenment? Again, no, but…
I still get to pull rank on the buddhas, however…
This springs from my Oregon journey and the mysterious moment as I was walking toward the Osho Commune.
Mysterious Darshan

This was not an experience of enlightenment, although it some ways it was something better, in some worse something very much lesser. Ouspensky was in search of the miraculous. Wrong game. Aim higher.

My experience was like that. Not enlightenment but a stirring of the ‘will’ or else something else’s ‘will’, Schopenhauer’s ‘thing in itself’ or the ‘will in nature’, or…maybe..

One gazes outwards and sees that whole freight trains are subject to acts of will in a repainting of the canvas of eye-ball reality. How? incomprehensible, unless illusory. Or maybe it is just a case of the cosmic cuckoo clock, the cuckoo sounds at midnight, at two in the afternoon.
I have had this ‘experience’ (not that, a deduction) several times, so it has nothing to do with Osho’s buddhafield. I was drunk at the time, so it was hardly a case of cosmic consciousness, but, well, close. Being drunk is hardly worse than ordinary mechanical consciousness, drunk or not…
Fooledya, sho-0…
Aim higher. Stay away from Crowley-style ‘witch-hunts’ for your ‘true will’. The very simple reality will occur as a by-product one day of some other meditation.

As noted, I still get to pull rank on the buddhas…

Will the Red Fortyeight Group during the onset of neo-communism have a claim on the monies of Osho/Chopra?

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Absolutely. All of it goes into the communist social pool.

Osho made a big deal about moving beyond spiritual poverty preached by buddhists and many other spiritual types. But his message, after making a point, rings hollow now, and the spiritual realm of the buddhist beggar seems better. Rich sannyasins flaunting wealth and, worse, subjecting the poor to more verbal or soon enought class degradation makes even the Xtian Prosperity brand look better.
We should ask all enlightened persons to adopt something better than this stupid ‘innovation’ by Osho.

Who’s the bigger fart? Osho or the Dalai Lama? Deepak Chopra, by a mile //was Osho enlightened…?

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We have criticized this critique, but it is bad news even so for Osho fantasists, even if we discount half of it as requiring cross-examination. One cannot recommend it short of that careful review.

But the claim by the author(s) that Osho wasn’t enlightened forces itself into consideration. I have more or less accepted that Osho was enlightened, but after the critiques given we have no other choice than to put the question on the table as ‘still open to debate’…The world’s kids, encountering the path to enlightenment, are going to go haywire in this confusion, on the way to violent insanity.

So I withdraw any claims there. Who cares? Another dharma drunk walking down the pike. Shovel dirt over the grave and pass on. But the question actually is useful, and it is useful for critics to raise the doubt level.
I have suggested that the discovery that the Gautama outfit was involved in fascism up to nazism by early Rajneesh must have thrown him into a lifetime of ‘enlightened’ confusion and his path as a teacher never recovered. He’s right. Who gives a shit as to Indian windbag tradition chatter on ‘enlightenment’. The game has to die in search of rebirth or none.

To all the kids out there confronting the total wrong example set by a ‘buddha’ check out his Beyond Enlightenment (1986):

At some point Osho’s public enlightenment began to go cuckoo and it is an alarming confusion that voids out his public presentation as hopelessly muddled. This echoes the Advaita warning that experiences are transient, including those of enlightenment. Is this the same thing said in different ways? I doubt it, but the truth is hard to arrive at. I think the Advaita discussion is too limited.


I have volunteered many times to walk away here…you asked for it…if the commune is that rich, how about thirty years back pay…Osho keeps people in cages and sabotages their meditation to trap them for another life…

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What is happening with this multimillion boondoogle at Osho Commune. That is a lot of money, and we can probably suspect a rip off somewhere…

How could this creepy Osho entity try to make someone with no money try to compensate for his idiot disciples who are so mummified they can’t think beyond guru oblations…

You want a pandi, you got a pandit…Howver, I have successfully pulled rank on these buddhas (‘made in India’, cheap goods)


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Critics of the critics…

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We should relist the critics of the critics…

Don’t pit Nisargadatta and Maharsi against Osho: they are fronts in a hidden school more like Osho’s: for the rich/brahmans/? only…

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Scroll down for the Maharsis/Nisargadatta stuff: http://artofericwayne.com/2013/07/17/osho-and-his-90-roll-royces/

Another critical site…

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Let me get this out of the way right quick – spirituality for the rich only is like a diet for the thin only. This doesn’t mean that the rich are spiritual, far from it, but just that they are much less likely to need a way out of suffering when they are being pampered in a life of luxury. The Buddha didn’t seek a way out of suffering for humankind until after he left his father’s palace grounds. Osho offers relief only to those who reside within the equivalent of today’s palace grounds, and who are just looking for a placebo to assuage their guilty consciences. Deep down, they know they have far more than they need while others truly suffer, and they seek even more, and at the expense of others. Who better to help them self-delude than a guru who does the same thing: exults in ridiculous luxury while demanding his followers live a meager existence.

Ass front and fart…in the direction of the new ‘mecca’, Poona…(five times a day)…you are not required to ‘surrender’ to a dead corporation…

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The confusion of religion and business is making the neoliberal realm drooling at the possibilities, not unlike what has happened to the evangelical churches in the rise of Prosperity Gospels…

The whole question of gurus goes down the drain here, but I fear the ‘osho entity’ is going to create a horrible mess: disciples being trashed because they are poor. Impossible? just happened to me…

Once the world’s poor find out they will tear the whole commune to pieces…it should be dismantled now…

Where have I been the last x years…? I am mindfucked by this garbage ashram yet I can’t even afford it….that devastating situation is going to be very common, best to abandon this abortion…

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My Osho commentary has gyrated: the reason is the suggestion of an Osho project for the left, and I mean radical left. Then that collapsed, BUT… I may be deluded but I think the ‘osho entity’ is desperate re: the outcome of his commune: it is now a wealthy international corporation controlled by a minority who control an immense set of profits. I cannot be sure, but I suspect that the ‘osho entity’ is scrounging for some radicals to challenge this outcome which occurred very rapidly after his passing. His labors are going down the drainpipe very rapidly, even as the business enterprise expands, and it will be supported by capitalists at the expense of ordinary helpless religionists…
We don’t need the ‘osho entity’/s permission, we should do this as a matter of course. Reducing religions like xtianity to zilch in the wake of a new breed of neo-liberal corporate yogis is going to stink, but it will prove self-limiting..

I think the Osho work should be put in the public domain, the core teaching made into a free library at Poona, and all psychological therapy groups banished from the commune premises and delegated as private businesses of the therapists involved…


At least Osho had the courage to expose the buddhist fascism…what else are we missing?

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The Osho Commune is big money maker, as it deep sixes the facts about Rajneesh.

I think we should skip it. All of it. Osho levaraged his attacks on previous religions to create something worse, and we don’t have to submit to it, or to the pimps in Poona who are now controlling this boondoogle.

Osho made a very near-whisper gesture toward the left. I think the left should be in the forefront of exposing the Osho operation which is either corrupt already or soon will be…

But Osho did take a chance: he exposed the fascists in buddhim…What else are we missing…we can no longer trust any of these new age legacies…

Oshoism, the first world religion as tantric whoreshouse open only to the rich…do you really want to replace xtianity with this?

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Since I have given a little support to the critic(s) of Osho at the link I should caution that a far better critique is needed. I have read these critiques years ago about when I started this blog when I was critical of Osho, next to Gurdjieff. I then moved toward an attempt to be fair to Osho, and rejected the Calder stuff. Now I am moving toward a new form of critique. And the ones we have are too flawed to serve the purpose.
And it is not easy to get Osho straight:

My distinct impression, based on all the evidence I have examined both pro and con (and there is always the possibility that i and other critics could be wrong on certain things!), is that Rajneesh was another shooting star in the spiritual firmament, one of those strange fallen yogis who attain periods of a certain kind of “enlightened freedom.” Such persons become a source or maybe a “channel” for unusual and palpable energies, which lead mesmerized disciples to think they are in the presence of Divinity. But then sooner or later the supposed “Divine energy” diminishes, goes away or turns sour, and such figures become imbalanced and egocentrically full of themselves—narcissistic, proud megalomaniacs, and/or disturbed by one or more other mental-emotional-psychic pathologies about which the Sacred Traditions have always cautioned. Numerous such “fallen” figures abound in the annals of literature.

Psychiatric efforts to expose Osho have all failed, starting with an ancient one now, Feet of Clay, by….?

The psychological exposes of Osho are beside the point. THE REAL BAD GUYS are/were esoteric (?) ‘buddhists’ hidden from public scrutiny and who have never been caught. Osho’s fascist ‘Hitler feint’ isone of his ‘dialectical’ gyrations. It allowed him penny ante at the table of the hidden nazis in the guru field, and a decade or so of a free hand for his other shennanigans. It is pointless to crucify Osho is this way. He was enlightened and didn’t suffer these types of neuroses. His behavior suggests something harder to understand. Which doesn’t forgive it. I think he is sending a message as if he were well aware of the criticisms: who cares, dismantle this movement…

What can be done is to try and arrive at a set of facts that express a correct critique.
In any case, I am in a way far more critical myself, but in a different way. I think Osho’s gambit is finished, but his multimillion dollar Club Med whorehouse in Poona isn’t finished and is a prime disciple/meat Big Mac zone that will endure in perpetuity as things stand now.

Christianity was disliked by Osho but it did not allow occult types to use ‘schools’ for spiritual cannibalism. Osho Commune is a pig feast by comparison, and should be phased out. Won’t happen, obviously. Obviously the result is going to be worse than Christianity…

The Osho entity is very active, next to the Gurdjieff entity, on the astral plane, and the new age movement with its leadership of pious dupes doing Advaita, yoga, and Gurdjieffianity has led us into a criminal world of dangerously demonic entities (mostly deadly gurus and their zombie armies of former disciples).
Christianity ended up in a totalitarian mess trying to clean up the version in antiquity, and now we are back to square one. I am not a Christian or one of its defenders, but Osho’s contamination, next to that of many worse, is a swindle.

So while I reject the critique we have looked at, it is more or less correct in his expose. But we need something much better.

Again, there is something I can’t get right with Osho. He is not some kind of narcissist going through a reality TV neurosis playing guru. He was a sad figure who realized the nazi past of buddhism would rise to destroy the whole new age world…