Time to ditch buddhism?

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We have consistently tried to expose the rightwing reactionary character of the Tibetan buddhist movement. The point is obvious from the surface history, with a question mark and dark rumors about the occult fascism of Tibetan figures hidden in the movement.
The Dalai Lama talks from both sides of the mouth and gives out a liberal odor on frequent occasions. But the hints are there of a conservative movement, and clearly the dalai lama is trying to position himself on the subject of capitalism.

AT a time when the planetary crisis is escalating it would be helpful to consider the revolutionary history of early buddhism, and to demand the same from buddhism now, or else its dismantling. Buddhism, as we have suggested here many times, is/was one of the world’s great religions, but it is fading away slowly, behind the temporary resurgence created by the New Age movement. We need a initiative to start over for a new era.
In any case I suspect the deeper connections to the CIA and/or other covert agencies, and the Dalai Lama ineptly gives himself away, to please his old handlers, from the days of the Tibetan guerrilla movement controlled by the CIA.
The Dalai Lama let slip, before or during the capture/death of Bin Laden, that he was a proponent of non-violence, except for the case of Bin Laden. !!
And the suspicious behavior of figures like Stephen Segal the Tulku at the Boston Marathon event gave away something going on behind the scenes with respect to the War on Terror. A quick look at his movies shows the Neanderthal level of the Tibetan hierarchy.

Behind the fine words we have to suspect Tibetan Buddhism is completely stuck in a reactionary mindset.

The attempt will be made to neutralize radical buddhist groups with the aura of spiritual authority generated by the lamaist tradition. That’s complete bullshit. The Dalai Lama has no spiritual authority whatever, and you should quietly depart from Tibetan Buddhism forthwith on the grounds these ‘authorities’ don’t agree at all and think themselves very highly as spiritual powers with your life in their hands, and they will exert their will against those who won’t kowtow.
There is almost no reason to bother with Tibetan Buddhism at this point. It is a waste of time for the majority. Its methods are mostly theatre, and its tradition a bogus and confusing darkness. The path of Mahayana is corrupt and exploits its entry boddhissatwas who are ripped off and discarded into samsaric dead zones. Pause and reflect: there are better ways to serve humanity than by the bogus path of the boddhissatwa whose deception is to create a terminal samsaric world line with no hope of redemption. In reality the sangha can’t control is members who almost always slip away in the end.

It is not even news that buddhism belongs to an older era and is casting its seed in the ground to create a new movement for the future. But that future is not going to be controlled by buddhism.

Check the scanned text of Bazaz’ compelling book here on this blog. The revolutionary early history of buddhism is tale and a half. The Tibetan hierarchy is something completely different, a dead kingdom created in the middle ages of the past era. But by courting the powers that be a very dangerous movement will be created.

If you have radical sympathies you should ditch this farce at once. NEVER enter relations of passive disciple with such fascists. They will try to use spiritual surrender for political purposes.

More rightist baloney from the dalai lama

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The previous post portrays a wise and balanced religious leader, etc, etc,…The crypto-fascist history of TB is almost impossible to expose as the Dalai Lamas plays the different oppositions with PR.

We need a strong leftist buddhism and a clear understanding of the transient passing away of the insidious and corrupt Tibetan system.

In fact, it is time to see that buddhism is dead, although its format and literature can be salvaged foer a new movement.

[Marxism] What the American Enterprise Institute and the Dalai Lama have in common

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Anirvan defects

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The sidebar has a link to an Anirvan review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3QA0WVTY9KDKN/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

I am getting a lot of noise/messaging to the effect that Anirvan the self-styled supergroupie of Gurdjieff is repenting of his disciple’s awe, if not fawning, and wishes to move away from the Gurdjieff zone. That can be a perilous passage, but determination will do it. We need a clear expose of Anirvan’s book, To Live Within, and its excessive kowtow to the memory of Gurdjieff, and his confused equation of the realm of the Indian guru and his ashram with the quite different world of Gurdjieff who is not an Indian guru, although people repeatedly confuse this point. Many of the statements by Anirvan apply only to his experience with an Indian guru, and not to the quite different semi-sufistic world of Gurdjieff.

So one more of the authors induced to Gurdjieff propaganda is beginning to slip. Perhaps soon John Shirley will get the point, and maybe soon even that hopeless case Patterson, the author of still another Gurdjieff paean, now out at Amazon. I will review it at some point.

The issue of darwinism in the New Age world

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Reply to comment

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Reply to a comment, the usual attempt to defend Gurdjieff.

Always the same fine words, with no results. Your own bullshit shows the catch: his teachings are hidden, while thousands damage themselves with false and limited ‘exoteric’ information. Noone comes to their aid. Their paths end up in confusion, broken wills, food for those in hiding, psychotic remnants of occult experiments. The issue of awakening is honorable, but it is not honorable among Gurdjieffians. It is a path of idealistic suckers fronting for a spiritual mafia.
The goal of ‘awakening’ is ambiguous. What does it mean? Thousands of years of Jains, buddhists and yogis have made clear what the path is, while the Gurdjieff types always dose their victims with come ons, rumors, halftruths. Carrot dangling and partial misleading teachers get the seeker hooked and turn him into a kind of junkie trying to piece together the puzzle.
There are two confusions here: the path to ‘awakening’ can be a goal short of enlightenment: the traditions speaks of four states: sleep, consciousness, self-consciousness, and the fourth, turiya. Gurdjieff is talking it seems about stage three, for he has never gone on to the final stage. To awaken in this way may involve another aspect, the ‘will’. Achieving will does not lead to enlightenment: it is a labyrinth of navigating samsara as an adventure. The real way leads to enlightenment beyond the will.
Whoever can clarify these remarks may do so, but not make the result into tidbits with a high markup.

Humanity must evolve to get the real teaching? Give me a fucking break.This is a false understanding of ‘evolution’. Gurdjieff wiseacred the meaning of the term. Evolution means the emergence of new species from ‘evolutionary dynamics’, and that is neither Darwinian nor some new age fantasy of ‘evolving’ through occult methods. It is all bullshit. Man has evolved the capacity to reach enlightenment. That evolution is complete. Man has only to be man, and to evade those who would enslave him, like Gurdjieff.
Stop inflicting this on the unsuspecting.
The real stuff is too dangerous to reveal. And what might that be? Black magic. Occult murder. Soul plunder, human sacrifice, enslavement of the unconscious, experiments on suckers, suckers used as food, black magic to turn vegetarians into meateaters, black magic to create sex scandals in selected targets, use of torture to create devils out of idealists, strategies to steal spiritual energy, drain the energies of devoted seekers, invultuation of the will to create drone zombies, penetration of different ashrams to prey on disciples unaware of the predators at work. etc etc..,
The teachings of Buddha are the same as those inherited from centuries of Jains, and those before them. The path is clear, and India has thousands of yogis and sannyasins who have a clear and open path, with no mystifications.
The way is not hard. It comes from meditation. You don’t have to chase all over Afghanistan for the secret method.

The very worst achievement of Gurdjieff is to have broken the trust in Jesus Christ by those who take to heart the idea of ‘esoteric Christianity’. Gurdjieff had no contact with the Christ realm, yet his methods claim their authority, as if they were the secret information about the ‘real’ Jesus, as some kind of (black) magician, etc….

Moment ripe for a real new age movement

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But the moment is ripe for a real new age to start, kickstart. That must be able to debrief Xtianity, buddhism, sufism, and much else. The way past these must be found: their lineage belongs to older, passing epoch. It is hard to see how anyone could manage such a huge undertaking. Osho was one, and yet his outcome is problematical. Anyone trying to further this lineage will get eaten alive by a small hurricane of voidness, formerly Osho, formerly Rajneesh…. His work was the first of the real ‘new age’ formations and yet it is in many ways still based in the older era.
The world needs to at least salvage the classic Indian tradition, but this has been confused by the issues of false Hinduism. And the conservative trend is not a good sign. A few very simple changes (‘reformation’s) could release the real energy of the classic traditon, pre-Aryan overlay

Sadly Rumi is a great front for the sufi hyeanas

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Time for the Krishnamurti’s

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Time for some Khrisnamurti, when the dead pall of Oshoism begins to get to be too much. They didn’t much like each other, but a kind of love-hate is at work.

Krishnamurit, along with U.G., can do wonders if the guru phantoms begin to haunt by the light of the silvery moon.

Approaching a last birth…

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I am sorry for the ambivalent judgments of Osho, but I risk a very dangerous situation here, one that most will not suffer. I still recommend the field of Osho as a buddha field for the left, but my personal situation here is strangely toxic. I have been getting warnings that his treatment of me is predatory: he wants to freeze people in place to make them find rebirth in a way he can exploit. I dunno, is that true. Meanwhile the whole Osho zone is a victim of disinformation that goes on and on. A pity. In a way the future of his work is in jeapardy due to this routine of savage attacks. Destroying ego can be a front for destroying the will to independent buddhas turning the dupe into the illusion he has transcended ego, when in reality he is a groupie still in the guru’s sphere. That deserves a hearty ‘fuck you, goodbye”.

I think that Osho should create an open space into which future realizations of this broad avenue of paths can be indpendently accomplished. Christians and Buddhists have suffered for being reduced to flunkie status in these two religions. There is, to be sure, ample evidence of realized buddhas in the buddhist tradition, with virtually nothing in the Christian, a barren field. But i think the deadzone of Tibetan Buddhism is going to destroy the future of buddhism. it may be time to create something new.altogether.

It is strange that Osho had himself killed in his last incarnation. One can reach a stalemate at the end of a life and be unable to close the deal.

Too fair to Adyashanti book on Jesus?

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I was more than possibly too fair to Adyashanti on this book. I hesitated on the issue of the review, but concluded that the book might help some people. But it can be a confusing or dangerous way to go.
Before you mix Jesus and Buddha, consider that this is not the same as mixing Christianity and Buddhism. Christians will not tolerate a hybrid path with buddhism. And there are many chances of confusion: how do you really claim that Jesus was on the path to Enlightenment. It is a doubtful proposition. But maybe Christian readers will get smart and suspect the missing marbles in their ‘religion’.

Later we can go over the problems in more detail.

A book to cram down the throats of the new age guru gang

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Descent of Man Revisited is a very good approach to the ‘evoution’ question for New Agers. The text is online, but you might get a discounted version of the book at Amazon cheap, for $7.95 At Amazon. That’s a thirty cent royalty per book for two years work.

The hyprocrisy of the guru gang on darwinism// How about it Mr. Adyashanti, some comments on the evolution question

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I am getting a bit tired of dealing with issues such as Darwinism alone. Almost all the gurus in the field know there is a problem with Darwin’s theory, the issue of creatioism to one side: not an alternative.
But they also knwo that if they speak out they will be lambasted and boycotted. I have carried this burdern for over a decade and am really tired of the ostracism of those who agree in private but wish to strenghten their public bullshit image by stayin away from skeptics. This regime of silence has created a whole set of false new age views, based on fonfusions over evolution.

Gurdjieff spirit taking form of Osho to destroy credibility

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the Gurdjieff is a very active and dangerous entity on the astral plane, and one ‘its’ tricks to take the form of some other guru and use outrageous tactics to discredit that other entity. A good example is the attempt to discredit ‘Osho’ with this kind of deception. The previous posts can be understood in that light.

There is good chance these entities will desstroy the New Age movement.

Osho sannyasins should be wary on this score.

Ini general there is no way to interact with dead gurus. And that includes Jesus Christ and most other ghostly entities


under constant attack

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I think the Osho world is under constant attack from varius sources. Using faulty media wot discredit the memory there is par for the course.