Osho and astrology???

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http://www.amazon.com/Astrology-Superstition-Blind-Essential-Singles-ebook/dp/B00DIIZGXW/ref=pd_cart_wl_4_p?ie=UTF8&colid=2VKXQ5XYDJQKP&coliid=I5024YDW2DU6R&refRID=0J85H26YCW1S7Z6AE40F: Astrology???

The second generation books from Osho presses are open to critique. Here this is in my view outrageous. I thought I had once read all of Osho’s books, but clearly not. But there was no such book at this titled ‘Astrology’. This book was manufactured with some passages from a very early work in the early seventies under a totally different title. Osho often proceeded dialectically with many subjects and here he found a way to examine Sumerian cosmology, which degenerated into Chaldean ‘astrology’ as we know it today. (the history is complex). The issue at hand is therefore Sumerian cosmology. Many writers, including myself, with a refusal to take astrology seriously stumble onto the fascinating early cosmology of the Sumerians. It is this that Osho tries to describe. It is one of a thousand passing thoughts pro and con in his works.
I am puzzled the Osho field would extract the original material and print it under the title ‘Astrology’. That is totally misleading and aimed at what? Business with the flood of people confused by astrology under a new age rubric. Astrology is a good way to ruin such a movement. The mere sight of this book with repel tens of thousands from ever approaching. And i am prompting to be done with the whole question.

A certain frienship, uncertain emnity

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To be clear the experiment with the Osho field failed, but that field is still a resource, taken with a stealth exploration. By showing everything in the open, a host of influences fight to prove failure. Someone else could do it better. But I don’t think leftists can use this field in a formal way. These projects are turning into neo-liberal money makers time to consider a stealth exploration and to work alone. The left with some hints from reading Osho, stealth trips through the India field, can create their own lineage. It would be a good way to prevent mechanization of thought.

Osho world in the context of Jainism

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https://www.google.com/search?q=nisargadatta+maharaj&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=sb: Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Osho field is a gateway to the larger world of Indian religion, but the field is a difficult terrain to travel. I was jolted out of my Osho fixation by scolding fingerwager Krishnamurti and then the mysterious and elegant Nisargadatta. We can leave it at that with a warning that the streamlined Osho field as an acorn taking root in the wake of the nearly primordial Jain world is an instant liberation from the complexities of the Hindu legacy beside Buddhism. The realm of caste, for instance, is a stubborn obstacle to New Age seekers who enter a world where they are not even sudras and are likely to sink into false rebirths into chaos. Such a corrupt and idiotic mess also conceals a thousand depths rich in yogic ways and means. But the larger field of Hinduism is complicated and we have tried to unravel the hopeless confusion of the AIT/OIT debate, the Gita as an impostor text and the views of Danielou of the the larger history of Indian religion. This is a long tale, but enough said for the moment. The first born of ‘*hinduism(?)’, buddhism, has completed an immense cycle in the play of the Axial Age, but now confronts a new era trying to recycle the fruits of a completed age period. Here the reserve dna in the decaying source world rich in composted potential for a new strain leaves the future of buddhism, and what it represents in check. But the primordial world of Shaivism/Janism in the millennia before the Aryanization as the Vedas in a confusing interpolation are a hidden inspiration in the strange and timely appearance of one of its greatest scions at the dawn of globalization. Leftists are at risk of invultuation and psychic attack in these labyrinth worlds of the Hindu dungheap but can easily proceed with a stealth ‘sadhana’ through these realms and return with a more balanced view of the legacy of world religion in the emergence of a postcapitalist social experiment.

Travel through Osho field in perspective

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The turbulent end phase of my Osho navigation and discussion ended in limbo, but despite being knocked senseless I was right the first time: in response to a request to see what my historical model could contribute to a ‘new communism’ as a reconstructive critique of marxism, and secondly to consider a viable New Age resource for leftists at risk from reactionaries, I composed a sort of flying comic book and animated bibliography in Last and First Men, and tried to consider the Osho movement in the context of a need for a neo-buddhism that is grounded in modernity. The dialectic of socialism in a neo-liberal generation is present in the Osho discourse including a telling discussion in the Gorbachev era of the legacy of communes created by sannyasins.
The miniature of Osho world encounter is enough to make my point, and I can also move through a wider field that points to the question of global religion.
In a consideration of ‘paths of being’ and ‘paths of will’ we create a way to suddenly confront a larger totality either in conflict or else reconciled by the distinction in question.
I would think the realm of the paths of will are both encompassed by the formations of monotheism and left untouched in the difficulty and mystery of the human will. The paths of being could take up the realm of the will equally to rescue the crashlandings in the difficult and inscrutable paths of will which include the rumors of Sufi sheikistan where the ‘true sufis’ live and have some answers to the issues of the will. Man is a latent being who can’t understand himself, and the paths of being can travel through this realm to the path of release into enlightenment.
The paths of will point to an unknown and a mystery of the future or exist already in unknown times and places.

Some may be puzzled at my diatribes on sufism. It springs from a bad personal experience: I was saundering down a back alley in ‘Bhaghdad’ at dusk and turned a corner running into a shady looking one eyed figure who flashed a Rosicrucian hand signal with a sordid and malevolent grin. I was taken aback and staggered backwards, OMG, Alhazred the Mad Arab is a sufi, slinking away looking over my shoulder.


Some links from Darwiniana

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Discussion of an NK comment

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Did Ouspensky really solve Kant’s problem?

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Dead sufis, abjuring ‘god’ to ‘en gage’ sufi sadists, the real saboteurs….

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The real saboteurs here were sufis, a new problem in a global new age movement: people who would destroy a path to enlightenement and make people worship god as robots….Best to throw down the gauntlet and abjur ‘god’ to declare war on such people. Sadists looking for atheists to torture to death, a great religious pastime.
Ordinary muslims are beyond this, but sufi degenerates like God are in the business of destroying the path of enlightenment thusly…What a pathetic remainder of the now dead sufism..
Abjuring ‘god’ is not atheism, but a challenge to theistic sadists to expose their destruction of the god meme…

Invading india//

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I am looking through Bennett’s book on Shivapuri Baba: I am left with two questions: what forest did he disappear into and what do yogis eat in this forests. Need info on nuts and berries native to India.

Battle plan:
rob a bank
catch a plane to india
deternmine jungle zones
…consult with Tourist Info desk at airport: native fruits of India…
Thence to jungle ‘nowhere’ to plan invasion…
“…remember me and fight”

Invading India to break the grip of the hindu law of caste?

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Indian has created global connections with millions on the basis of its religious legacy: but that legacy will die if hinduism can’t sort out its contradictions and produce a Reformation that can deal with the confusions of caste. Westerners risk rebirth as Sudras in this confusion, and should come briefly, and be begone soon. Don’t let hidden operators take control of your rebirths. A little yoga is just a come one.

The real legacy is buddhismm, or was, but this is an Axial formation. It will self-recycle. I think Osho tried to create something for a new age, but the result can’t compete with buddhism, which came out of the Axial Age slingshot and had many hidden advantages. Osho’s one man operation was brilliant, but it is hard to set in motion a vehicle like buddhism in a modern context. The whole thing has become commercial. Buddhism with insidious reactionaries and fascists in Tibetan buddhism will soon be abandoned.
Time to learn from Osho’s trial and consider how to proceed.

Tantric capitalism with an excuse from Nietzsche

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A dialogue with Osho sannysasins was timed to match the publication of Last and First Men with its connection to Osho in the Preface: I will have to issue a reprint removing the reference to Osho’s books.


Osho must have ditched his commune. The whole game was suspicious: greedy Indians with a spiritual front: sucker westerners into a lucrative racket with tantric come on’s. Result: a mass of idiots who won’t go anywhere…

I give away all my Osho books, and move on.

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To the new agers out there, consider: someone spent two years trying to create a dialogue on issues of postcapitalism and Indian religion. Result: not a single response. zero. I got the message: since the message was directed to Osho sannyasins I must conclude that such sannyasins are a. brain dead, too lazy to bother… b. reactionaries who never respond ever to leftists. c. I am an idiot and wrecked the message/opportunity… If b we are not friends and I must withdraw a recommendation based on Osho’s clear dialectical moment in the communist issue (also the author of Beware of Socialism). Naive materialists would be cut to pieces in this muddle of surrender, ego destruction, and the politics of Hindu case, Modi et al, and the dead guru cannibals of Bollywood, the final valhalla of failed shakti gurus.

I have made my point, and will adopt c/above: too idiotic to finish this project. Someone else finish it. A future communism could use some of the classic methods of buddhism. It can’t, I fear, use the path of gurus. Osho pointed to the way, and then betrayed his followers: he had no guru, but established his own guruhood. I can’t figure it out, so I will simply move on, with a survey of many other possibilities, starting with Nisargadatta, a suggestion appearing in my unconscious to check him out. The original project is Fuck you, wrong number. We are now enemies.

This is sad: we will end with historical materialists liquidating sannyasins in mass murder. You know, you could have produced one comment in six years. The accesstoinsight people commented almost very day.

Nothing from these deadbeats.

The left has another option: stealth study of these legacies: check out Osho works, etc…and other literature. Work fast, and then move on. If you come to the attention of spirit entities of India, be strong and move on Fulfill the Osho path: no gurus. Move under cover. You can do the whole thing in secret.


Isis a picnic compared to source Islamic Jihad

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I have tried consistently to forestall the anti-Islamic chauvinism of the “Islamophobes”. But the debate is flawed on both sides. The chauvinism of many of the New Atheists competes with the historically naive views of their critics.
The real answer here is to see that classic jihad is no longer a reality, while what pass for ‘jihad’ now is closer to a colonial revolt via blowback against the depredations of the neo-imperialists who no longer bother with ‘colonialism’ via colonies, but do what they did in Iraq: systematic cultural rape with motives connected to the Oil game, dressed up in neoliberal privatization gambits: the whole charade of the Iraq war. It is not terrorism to revolt against this other ‘terrorism’, far more real.

The term ‘jihad’ requires careful study, because its meaning stretches through a complex semantics. But the original expansion of Islam was a series of military invations, with very large casualty rates and plunder of local assets followed by a state of domination lasting for many centuries. The correct recounting of the facts is difficult and is confused by rival claims of Christians and secular bias.

The issue now isn’t really jihad, but the means of self-defense against the plunder of the neoliberal capitalist powers.

Panic button? // illusions of Xtian spiritual comforts

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I think this stands as a useful exercise, but I would suggest it is a bit too scary on the ‘demon’ issue/illusion: if you get such phenomena out in the open in a serious phase of ‘meditation’, even if in quotation marks, you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t panic.

Also, the endorsement of Christianity as some kind of solution here is misleading, not what I meant: these organized religions will brainwash you into robotic normality, nor more. But it is worth trying to evaluate the chaos of much Christian spiritual practice as history records it. The place of some dreamed of ‘Jesus’ and/or angelic powers makes the subject too obscure for most secualarists, believers aren’t much better off. The place of prayer is unclear: it seems far inferior to meditation.

The Islamophobia debate

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