Bennett’s demiurgic powers

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DUvol4 Here’s a last scanned passage from Bennett. I am going to discontinue this sequence, perhaps picking up some of the later material. We have made our point: that Bennett’s exotic version of evolution is neither Darwinian/scientific nor quite creationist. It is truly a unique thesis based on the idea of ‘demiurgic powers’, an idea […]


Bennett’s evolution construction, perhaps ruined by design argument

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DUvol4 More from Volume Four of The Dramatic Universe. Despite the ruined foundations of Bennett’s argument his construction of planetary evolution is unique in its detail, and willingness to face the difficulties. However, the argument, which could have been based first to finish on the Samkhya perspective instead ends up in a hybrid with an […]


More from DU: the origin of life

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tag: DUvol4 I am continuing with another passage from Vol 4 of The Dramatic Universe. This kind of thinking is unique in its detail, even as it contradicts every assumption of standard evolutionary thought with its teleological metaphysics. It is actually useful for that purpose in challenging reductionist thought even as it self-destructs from its […]


More from Bennett on ‘evolution’

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tag: DUvol4 Continuing with some more stuff from Bennett: the treatment starts getting wild at this point, with talk of the ‘mind of the planet’ and outrageously teleological conceptions. It is of interest to go through this stuff anyway, because it does constitute a challenge, not to agree, but to be wary of our more […]


Bennett’s critique of Darwinism

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DUvol4 Continuing with Bennett’s treatment of evolution from The Dramatic Universe, as short quote on the probability issue re Darwinian evolution, almost at the same time as Fred Hoyle’s book on the subject with a similar argument. Bennett was one of the original critics of Darwin (post DNA discoveries) in the last two generations. It […]


Bennett on evolution

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DUvol4 I thought I would put up some more material on Bennett’s (outlandish) perspective on evolution and history. I am not a proponent of these views, but I am not a Darwinist either. Bennett raises many issues that are behind the scenes in biological theory. Also it has a few of the Gurdjieff cosmology ideas […]


Note on the Bennett scanned material

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tag: DUvol4 Bennett, DU Volume IV post: This quotation may not make sense out of context, and I am a little nervous about trying to explain Bennett, since he is all too likely to become a kind of cult figure. Taken critically he can be useful, but you need to recast his ideas outside the […]


Bennett: DU volume four…

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tag for this series: DUvol4 Here is the introduction to Volume Four of Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe. This volume is of interest because of its historical/evolutionary topics, and, as noted, the best critique is to simply cite and discuss some of its issues. T he book is filled with some brilliant ideas, but tends to […]