Bennett, schopenhauer and the resurgence of classic indic philosophies

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Source: Bennett, schopenhauer and the resurgence of classic indic philosophies


 Dismantling the judeo-christian religions…israel as rogue state…judaism’s fraudulent history

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Source:  Dismantling the judeo-christian religions…israel as rogue state…judaism’s fraudulent history


The deadly horror of the dirty fascist farts of the sufi/osho/buddha axis…throw away the mala…so no to the cannibal/drone slavery fraud of the boddhisattwa path

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Destroying the freedom and politics of millions of people is now what we detect from sectors of the guru/sufi axis and it is time to dispense with illusions about new age spirituality.

I recommend dismantling buddhism and oshoism as zombie/army religions antagonistic human freedom and its modern context…And we should equally denounce the Gurdjieff legacy which knew what was going on and said nothing.

And time for some questions to EJ Gold whose milieu produced fascists in the seventies…He claims to have denounced that, but…??? what is the nature of the sufi/guru connection?

International – “We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less“

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Source: International – “We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less“

Is This How the World Ends?

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Many observers—including such disparate voices as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Noam Chomsky, Hillary Clinton, Thomas Friedman, Pope Francis, and CounterPunch’s own Conn Hallinan—have described the North In…

Source: Is This How the World Ends?


History and evolution.com

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the question of the end of history requires a new study

Source: History and Evolution


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Nisargadatta and the Maharsi cloud plug my ‘commie yoga’ initiative subject to complete non-endorsement…??? the hindu legacy needs to die and be reborn in a social revolution…

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The whole game of advaita/hinduism is threatened by neo-brahminism and its hatred of buddhism (and vice versa for buddhism…) and the law of caste: a simple revolution beyond hinduism could recognize the pre-Aryan character of ‘santana dharma’ …let’s not forget that Shankara was a hindu chauvinist and this in the era of the destruction of buddhism…we need more facts here…

The Maharsi legacy started at the turn of the twentieth century (early 1900’s) and is in many ways the most senior canonical New Age legacy (Ramakhrishna is too archaic), Maharsi as an avatar of the old but a prophet of the new, but with some curious legacies, such as da free john… Maharsis accepted no disciples by the way and simply witnessed to the ‘case’.
but also Nisargadatta who can be a beacon, but for me behind a Neo-advaita veil or bluff… it is unsafe for me to adopt any indic spiritual path…

Let us recall how we have shifted ground here: from pro-buddhism agin the neo-brahmins to ‘advaitist’ in the upanishadic legacy with a critique of ‘late buddhism’.

It is useful to study the ‘eonic effect’ to see their is not real contradiction: the axial age in india collated with phases: the upanishads, a version of jainism in Mahavir at least, and early buddhist just at the outside…The ‘eonic’ boost of buddhism gave it a status that surpasses that of santana dharma but a problematic was always… we must be very careful in assessing this classic, but as we can see all these are in the same historical manifestation as the general axial age…which includes the flawed and almost primitive israelitism, which we know we have to critique from a modern perspective…

dealing with the issue of buddhism is thus not simple…buddhism had a special grace and yet it is our suspicion something went awry…we linked last week or so to a book on the dalai lama: what went wrong is partially visible in the case of tibetan buddhism…

I am appointed a ‘master of masters’…I accept and resign immediately…you too: you should pull rank on the buddhas at once, or you are dead…

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This is a curious development, from an anonymous source (from enemies or the Maharsi cloud?), perhaps I am being set up, or being made fun of but to me having ‘pulled rank’ on the buddhas the gesture is something I have already done. The question remains, what is the documentation of this category in the ‘santana dharma’ tradition? Osho declared he was a master of masters and satirized it??? the requirement was to be able to give yourself a blowjob…I need a year of stretch yoga first…no can do…Wow, I get to boss around Eckhart Tolle.

I want no further part of the ‘tradition’ so the joke’s on the joker…but the question is worthy of thought however pretentious the ‘promotion’ (it should come with a badge…)

Everyone has a right to the net equivalent: you are not required to submit to the authority of any guru (or sufi sheik) anywhere anytime…The cannibal game is evidently so endemic the whole game should be called off…however, be wary of this: liquidating uppity disciples is an established affair, best to disappear…warning, all the gurus are trying to murder each other…this should apply equally to the sufis, but they are far more dangerous occultists and you may pretend to kowtow for a little longer until you figure out the two/three/x way system of murder…


Backfire: the dirty fascist farts miscalculated and are generating a new left…

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The coming of Trump has set in motion a dialectical reversal as the american system begins to gestate a new radical sector globally. We need to be careful this isn’t exploited by reactionaries as was the socialism of the early twentieth century to produce reverse gear fascism…

Eckhart Tolle…voiding the authority of any new set of western gurus…gurus as new age trash…

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Tolle gets one slap in the face and we move on…
Tolle: leaving alone halfway sane figures who at least aren’t malevolent black magicians or cannibals/fascists…they should be wary of the dangerous game going on and not get a bit cocky about their limited states of consciousness…


The Path of Enlightenment is dead…a trogoautoegratic Big Mac truck stop for dead guru vampires…toward a new new age movement..tell Eckhart Tolle it’s over and the final war of the bharatas is starting…

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The Indian spiritual tradition is dead and dying and needs to be exposed and stopped in its philosophic tracks…the ‘path’ is perfect cover for spiritual cannibalism and a corrupt mafia of sick gurus, and their ghostly remains…

It’s over…


…many new agers are discovering the hook in their mouth, the one with a lure that ensnared them…

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A huge response in the last week with two days at 13000 and 22000 page views (not the same as visitors: people are reading the archives).

I think that many new agers are discovering the hook in their mouth, the one with a lure that ensnared them…

But the problem can be solved with a revolutionary change in the way seekers approach the issues and its claimed leaders.

In the modern world people have rights. In the world of gurus it is assumed by many you have no rights but this was suppressed in sentimental junk buddhism and Oshoism. Can the hindu world be far behind?
The realm of the ‘hindu’ universe (a bad term) has a genuine set of versions of the spiritual path. And there ‘yogis’ work alone.

Orgs with large numbers are a calamity once the ‘caudillo’ guru starts to murder ‘his’ own.

The master game is a displaced variant of all the premodern governmental tyrannies and worst of all it has rendered the path of enlightenment ambiguous and mostly fraudulent. The path of the boddhisatwas is under the strongest suspicion here, what a swindle, and a dangerous one…


More notes for a blogbook

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We need a new global spirituality beyond the current archaic legacy of gurus, sheiks, and ‘masters’. In many ways Ramana Maharsi, who is actually a modern phenomenon, can provide one direction although he is still immersed in the caste system and has a hidden aspect that is hard to fathom. He was not as far as I can tell an obsessed player of the ‘master game’, had no real disciples, and didnt’ create a dead zombie movement like the buddhist and the oshoist. I am even getting intimations which I hope are not delusive of a green light to radicalism from such as Nisargadatta.

But what is needed is something revolutionary and which stands beyond even the ‘path to enlightenment’ with a debriefing of the whole game, a set of warnings of the dangers of gurus, spiritual cannibalism, occult invultuation, zombie cadres, tantric hypsters…
The current hindu/buddhist legacy can’t even get its history straight, and in the buddhist case is beset with a horrific charge of outright fascism, this lurking in the Osho field also, with the sufi angle quite as ominous (but we can’t even get specific about that).

Meanwhile the Trump era will spell the doom of the credibility of gurus, and Tibetan buddhists, however unjust to many. It’s over. Tibetan buddhism is a cover for something horrific, we suspect and this has been affirmed by Osho himself.

There is a genuine conspiracy to destroy democracy and even figures like Osho are a part of it.

to be continued…

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The Osho factor grotesque: cannibalizing pandits to forestall his mediocrity…toward a New Age Reformation…

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The Osho (and Gurdjieff) legacies are beset with a strangely second-rate character. Gurdjieff the conman needed Ouspensky and the Osho entity is beset with a similar difficulty and is in fact also pursuing the Ouspensky entity. Both legacies are failures and the degenerate confusion of the Osho ‘situation’ is a warning to move away.

The tradition grants what the future will not: the absolute authority of the guru over a group of passive disciples. At this point the dangers are emerging and ‘enough’s enough’: it is NOT OK for a dead guru ghost to usurp identities, conduct cruel experiments, fascisize free agents, attack democracy and human rights, corrupt governments with mind control manchurian candidates…the full horror is great and worst of all invisible to the dupes who get entangled in these movements.
We have shown a turning about in views here against Oshoism, and finally buddhism (sufism ditto squared) and this is due to the sudden psychic insight (or hidden communication) of a grotesque version of ‘enlightenment’, like a bad trip on dope. I call into question the ‘enlightenment’ legacy as too often a manipulated fraud, suggesting the canonical debriefing of a core advaita to get one’s bearings beyond the distortions.
I question whether Advaita leads to ‘enlightenment’ in the usual sense and we can see in Osho and probably Gautama the strong ‘experience’ of enlightenment waning away leaving a strange chaotification and an entity unsuited to the astral/death manipulation of former disciples. It is an invitation to zombie disaster, and demands a reckoning. As the Advaita canon suggests: enlightenment isn’t an experience. If this point was not fully clear to Osho then what are we talking about?
The whole game is suspect and we need to create a kind of New Age Reformation…

the fascism of the buddhists has destroyed the whole game and the insidious snare created is going to take a century to deal with…it could end in another war of the bharatas…