Debriefing the new age movement

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We need a new public sphere spiritual non-movement with no gurus, no guru authority, a study passage, not a surrender passage.
We have no honest or reliable guides here.
The path of enlightenment is under a cloud
we cannot trust the accounts given
we cannot find the correct information
we are suspicious that ‘discples’ are conned into a path of enlightenment in a dead/guru cult using them without their knowledge
we cannot determine which methods worked in the past
the path of mahayana has totally confused everything
Tibetan buddhism looks to be a truly sick monstrosity
we are informed by Osho of the malevolent dark side of buddhism
we are learning by rumor of spiritual cannibalism, invultuation, soul murder…
all the public figures are a bunch of idiots
xtianity is in full crash mode and we can’t determine any correct information about jesus, the christ or any of it
the doctrine of the resurrection was the biggest fraud in the history of religion

Islam is mysterious but clearly second rate reilgion: we have no real grounds for calling either Jesus or Mohammed prophets of ‘god’

It goes on and on…

I think my disrepect (quite insufficient) for the ‘buddhas’ points to the future…Osho sank buddhism, not I

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The shock of realizing that buddhism ended up in a nazi-generating fascism is almost too much. The slowing spreading religious shock waves haven’t quite reached tidal wave proportions: the fraud may take as public relations buddhism continues.
I think Osho at least tried to do something: create a new stream, but something is wrong there already. As we have noted the zombie cult fate seems to already taking hold, and the ambiguity of Osho himself on Hitler is confusing.

In any case, Osho sank buddhism, and probably his own cult, so what’s next is clear….

A real piece of shit///Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic – Kindle edition by 

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The issue of religion/xtianity is already confused enough without this kind of dishonet, ‘boy we’re holy’ junk…

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The ‘nones’ et al…

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Why So Many Americans Are Leaving Their Religion

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We all know the stats, but what’s behind the numbers?

Source: Why So Many Americans Are Leaving Their Religion


Osho is dead. Can you do ‘mala’ sannyas with a dead guru? It is the sannyasins who allowed this global monstrosity to persist into its false future…

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This blog actually documented over three years the insanity of interaction with the Osho entity and his gangs of the dead mafia….There is every chance the ‘dead guru’ has been absorbed into the ‘master djinn’ that created him…I can’t resolve spectrum of vampire ghosts here…


but…got your number: india has no clear or consistent take on ‘enlightenment’ ///dismantling xtianity, islam, buddhism…

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The whole tradition of enlightenment is incoherent in its presentation and practice, and that is not even taking into account the hopeless confusion over Vedism/hinduism, buddhism with its suspected horror outcome. In this situation it is important to consider that you have no obligation to spiritual surrender to confused authorities, which includes everyone.
The whole game needs to start over in a communion of democratic citizens who will research a free open spectrum of methods, ways, and means to achieve their potential consciousness, enquire into the histories of religion and its hidden aspects, arrive at a definition of man, as self, will, soul, brain…

The current guru game looks to be an ancient appendix that never got removed with its endless powerplays of gurus, sufis, and outright devils like Gurdjieff. Arriving at correct knowledge is difficult. The different pieces have broken apart and it is hard to understand their connections.
But the ‘enlightened buddha’ routine looks to be suspect. Advaita itself declares it to be false: viz. enlightenment is not an experience. The smell of this situation is that of the ‘rat’, a hidden djinn-style mephisto playing in either of two ways, the will paths, the self/atman path. Behind the scenes is the ‘food for god’ rackets that Bennett talks about like a complete fool (idea from Ouspensky): we thus know there is a hidden group trying to create submission in man as ‘food’. Bennett in complete idiocy transmits this idea uncritically and we already have Gurdjieff occultists trying to exploit this, but now on a larger scale. Osho seems to have found it out and perhaps it is going to become a devious hybrid that exploits, without liberation.
Enlightenment is thus a peddled product in many of its manifestations (consider Kundalini). Advaita clearly shows the confusion that seems to have taken hold.
The danger to buddhism we suspect was its degeneration into an occult exploitation, with Mahayana essentially subtracting enlightenment from the game to create a movement of passive followers.

Can those trapped in buddhism find an exit strategy, regrow souls and start over? It is very easy to slip away if you are a faceless follower. Do so at once.
Buddhism has a classic set of early innings up to the medieval period, with a Zen extension. But Zen culture was one suspects a zombie mechanization of a complex social experiment. And the result was a paste up. Did buddhism produce any real buddhas beyond the whole system of fakery? We are allowed to ask that question, we must, because the whole history is suspicious.

The relationships of Islam, xtianity and buddhism are obscure, with the Zoroastrian aspect of Islam obscured by history (or the average failure to study it: we forget that xtianity was really a hybrid of Persian and Canaanite sources).

We end up starting over with nothing. It would be good to dismantle xtianity, islam, buddhism, to spare a new era the endless persistence of a vampire past. We need the secular equivalent of religion, done by honest men, who don’t cheat others, create esoteric food industries, sufi mafias, and devils like Gurdjieff. The diddle maniacs like Osho are powerplays from the hidden djinn factor.

Advaita is a useful ‘debriefing instrument’, whatever its hidden lore that has been lost. It doesn’t have to ‘work’ to ‘work’. It can help to gain perspective on the overall construct. But its psychology seems to have become confused (I should of course study the earlier literature, and not just the current books written by new agers). I suddenly realized here that the whole new age movement has passed by and I had never started. Everything was fake, or some monstrosity like the ‘jewish cannibal racket’ of Gold. Sufism has a secret ‘soul path’ not divulged to the majority of sufis, let alone moslems. It is probably another illusion from the ‘djinn’ sector. We need to know what the ‘soul’ factor was in primordial man, probably as he transited from homo errectus to homo sapiens. We need to know what real proportion of men have, or still have, ‘souls’ apart from the autorecycling of ‘self’/ego as phenomenal/noumenal aspects.

this situation is pathetic.

I am not welcome in Nisargadatta land, but maybe you are…his legacy of advaita is classic…

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Fuck you to Nisargadatta also…but I appreciate his warning that rogue entities like Gurdjieff (and Osho?) are being witnessed, watched…

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I appreciate the fact, or what I suspect/sense, a guru entity helping declaring that there are witnesses to the dangerous realm of Gurdjieff, and now Osho. But I can’t ‘submit’ to still another dead ghost guru. In fact, it doesn’t matter I am done with the whole game…
But it is a curious truth that rogue agents like sufis/Gurdjieff are under observation. Their crimes are by no means ‘perfect crimes’, but the reality is still pretty desparate…


Nisargadatta ///momentarily breaking thru 3-way system of murder

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This mysterious figure seems to beckon briefly beyond the pursuit of Osho/Gurdjieff demons who try to claim his ‘face’, beyond the confusing play of masks that rapidly confuse everything…

This effort to help however brief is perhaps an exit path from the field of ghosts….

Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Dedicated to the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj and his talks on consciousness.

Source: Nisargadatta Maharaj


Gurdjieff’s specialty to dominate and break wills: creating alcoholics…his abuse of Ouspensky was grotesque

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Gurdjieff is such a totally filthy four toote devil it is hard to believe he can pass as a spiritual teacher. He was so second-rate that he had to trick someone like Ouspenksy into creating a sales tactic and the whole movement lives on that. What a fate for Ouspensky, who has learned fortunately to fight back, and who is attempting to phase out the Gurdjieff racket.

Can a tantric diddle maniac like Osho really be an enlightened buddha? ….can a mass murdering buddha plying genocide against jews be enlightened?

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Beyond the question of buddhism lies the core ‘santana dharma’ and its fate and future. I think that buddhism is going to self-destruct while initiatives like Oshoism are going to be dead on arrival.

Looking at the Advaita movement in the last generation I am suspicious: a disciple of Ramana Maharsi, a dubious character created a huge proliferation of the whole field. That would be OK but it has produced very few enlightenment cases, if any.
And the Advaita shows its obvious catch 22: it cannot speak to the individual, speak about will, free will and makes ‘choiceless awareness’ its form of realization. But in an environment of crooks that is an invitation to the cannibal rackets we have been detecting here for over a year….I leave the matter with Brunton’s The Short Path, the latter being at least honest. The rest even Osho are peddling a strange game but speak of without producing ‘enlightenment’.

I am suspicious therefore even of Advaita in the form that we have. It is useful as something close to the original tradition, one suspects. But the whole game was wrecked by the Aryans. It is impossible to sort out the muddle here.

Very few at all, perhaps none, outsiders become realized. Even with buddhism this was a problem…Zen is mostly just a big Demo fake. And its medieval history (Japan, etc…) isn’t relevant to modern life.
Compare Bennett’s DU with Waite’s book on Advaita: two completely different worlds of realization.

I think Advaita is still worth studying as a fake that points to the real thing. But the whole enlightenment game has become a front for a cannibal mafia.

Thus the ‘path of enlightenment’ is becoming/has become a vexed category: the Tibetans have produced no buddhas, Milarepa apart, so their entire tradition is mostly exercise on a treadmill.
The buddhists became dead zombies used to create occult/fascist movements. NOt enlightenment. I repeat, not..

We are confused about buddhism, advaita, so therefore the whole question of enlightenment comes under suspicion….Sorry to say it but it is true. That proves nothing, of course: only that the tradition has sputtered and mostly disappeared. The point should be obvious: look at Hatha Yoga: a huge movement but one that is sterile as to any ‘path to enlightenment’.

And Osho’s movement is a great kiddie ride plus the sex, but it has produced no exemplars. Perhaps Ozen who is an insider with strong connections, and a sop to the otherwise sterile movement.

Bennett unwittingly suspected the answer: at the start of his DU he notes (and the statement was little more than boilerplate at his starting but, but it arrived at an insight) the way ‘consciousness’ resembles the electromagnetic spectrum in the immense diversity its phenomena/noumenal aspects. Whatever the true case, the ‘enlightenment’ packaged deal teachings we see are mostly disneyland of some kind…

Why I Joined—And Left—A Yoga Cult | Alternet

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“In my community, it was never considered that maybe it was the system that needed fixing; you were always the one who needed to be fixed.”

Source: Why I Joined—And Left—A Yoga Cult | Alternet


recent links….

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