Enigmas of the Axial Age…

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We can see the exact concordance of the Axial interval and Indic religion, but this can very confusing at first.
Something went wrong with Israelitism, can we suspect the same in buddhism…Note that hinduism has no real axial age component EXCEPT its brief amplification of some primordial theme via the classic Upanishads…That is right and proper because it already existed and couldn’t thus be created…But buddhism and isrealitism both had tremendous wallops axial thrust but this soon became problematical…
The point here is that there is some kind of ‘higher power’ here, beyond god or IHVH or the buddhas, and it enters into the ‘evolution’ of civilization, which is however still man made…

To prevent abuse of theistic historicism consider the discussions in:

the illusion that archaic israelitism had anything to do with ‘god’ dies hard…

The hindus warned long ago about buddhism…

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And what was that? we need a more careful history of buddhism and its collision with hindus and neo-brahminism, which gives us the pot calling kettle black…
Gautama broke with tradition but was that really the issue?

There were many yogis who warned buddha would lead into hell, so he did, it seems…
But what is the real history and when did the whole thing go wrong?

Buddhism, before we get enraged, started with a superblessing from the mysterious Axial Age phenomenon and proceeded majestically (or not) toward global religious status, in almost perfect synchrony with Israelitism, both soon generating Mahayana and Xtianity. We cannot easily decipher the good and evil lurking in the macroevolutionary aspect of what to closer examination are flawed religions…

Is the osho entity’s tantric dirty diddle murder a part of the tradition of ur-tantra or is it a modern aberrant mutation? Will the practice spread globally via his ‘sannyasins’ to create a kind of mafia?

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yes or no? I am speechless, soon to be struck dumb…


Is the guru tradition doomed?

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The Indian tradition is dying and while once thought of as a way for a spirituality beyond monotheism it now appears at the onset of its own dissolution.
New Agers should consider:

they have lost buddhism, now a fascist degeneration
buddhism, or mahayana, can’t produce any buddhas, that is disallowed
they have lost the world of guruism to corruption, black magic, and a host of other issues
hinduism was lost long ago and is now a degeneration of santana dharma:
there can be no further ‘path’ with gurus…
hinduism was totally confused by the Vedic/Aryan interpolation that distorted the entire legacy…
this flaw is impossible to correct and has instead produced advuta rightism…
the realms of yoga and advaita stand in contradiction and leave the question:
the issue of hatha yoga is spurious, who cares, it is not a spiritual method…
is there really a path to enlightenment?
what is enlightenment if the gurus all disagree?

the ‘seeker’ has no grounds to step into this corrupt terrain…

to be continued: the end of sufism?


Fox News Controversy on Yoga and White Supremacy Reveals Problem of Yoga Discussion | Alternet

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Source: Fox News Controversy on Yoga and White Supremacy Reveals Problem of Yoga Discussion | Alternet

gurus and fascism?..//The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump

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So why would the buddha entities wish to destroy modern democracy and degrade culture with drones like Trump?

To Trump, democracy is an enemy.

Source: The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump


Extraterrestrials? ghosts?

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Source: Extraterrestrials? ghosts?

Is the Era of Transhumanism a Final Corporate Takeover of Humanity?

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Source: Is the Era of Transhumanism a Final Corporate Takeover of Humanity?


The guru tradition needs to be challenged, completely….Gurdjieff’s use of TPH to create alcoholics…(Gold on artificially created diseases)…Osho’s monopoly imitations…

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The issue of gurus has metathesized and we need to warn people of what goes on and destroy once and for the authoritarian mystique that legitimates guru violence against so-called disciples. Creating diseases in guinea pigs is not OK in the human real, nor is sacrifice, or tantric murder. We need to move beyond the New Age movement, beyond buddhism (and nix Oshoism in the bud before it gets too strong, it is already a gangster religion).
The Osho entity in trying to extend its range (monopoly) of teaching is trying to annex anything in Gurdjieff it can figure out… TPH to create alcoholics is that monster recent experiment…What is TPH?> don’t ask stupid questions: reread this who blog for some indications…we wouldn’t want this to be public knowledge…

If you are a new ager in pious limbo I hope the criminal nature of guruism will sink in and let’s hope this trashy movement can find a true Reformation…
The issues are at the point of turning violent: act fast and act now.
The range of mediation doesn’t require gurus. You can have sutras peddled from vending machines with a higher success rate…


Bennett and the mystery of evolution

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Source: Bennett and the mystery of evolution

Disgusting hypocrisy of sufis

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wow, sufis, how cute….



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ALL the gurus I encountered in the last forty years were fakes…an extraordinary record…the end for me (since it never had a beginning) of the path and of anything like a new age movement…

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I have encountered a lot of gurus in my life and ALL were fakes. At some point, the whole game has to be questioned…
(E.J.Gold) a fake sufi so-called: an occultist (along with Gurdjieff), doesn’t count, cannibals…black magicians/assqassins…fascists (human sacrifice, Crowley)
the above are a reminder that sordir sufis can implant devices in the uncvonscious to feed conscious energy off unsuspecting victims/disciples…Gold was paired with a ‘doubloon’ co-something or other, the owner/sex predator/porno degenerate of the san fransciso ball: something kind of magical equilibrium duet…? ..sick yoyo sufi jokes run by hidden ‘sufis’ somewhere who knows where…
one of Gold’s students, soon to be a jewish fascist complete with nazi armbands…(never a teacher for me), blasted with heavy baraka, transient…turning a jew into a fascist and blowing his brains out with baraka is ‘cute sufism’ at is most malevolent….
I once xperienc ‘sufi baraka’ a remarkable ‘packaged enlightenment’ but the energy got ripped off, thieves of baraka, by a mysterious Mr. Mustapha whom I met for only fifteen minutes…
J.G. Bennett (an interesting philosopher however)
(Ouspensky) (Gurdjieff)? not alive in period
(Hare Krishna gang, grotesque, never visited)
Lee Lozowick
Chogyam Trungpa
Dalai Lama
Da Free John
(dozens of others, from reading…)?
Andrew Cohen
Deepak Chopra
Bhagavan Shree Rajneesh (throw in Ozen, no contact ever)
Bhagavad Gita as a ‘guru book’: exposed many times, here and elsewhere…(check out scanned book here of Prem Nath Bazaz)
a whole crowd of pseudo-enlightenment’Advaita’ fakes
Advaita is probably a garbled version of something that might be real…
the neo-advaita crowd is simply off the wall, but their stance makes a funny sense…
I also did hatha yoga, which doesn’t count…Hatha yoga is not a spiritual practice
I have not included Shiva Puri Baba, who is a question mark who spent most of his life in the ‘forest’.
I reached ‘enlighdtenment’ as noted doing TM mantra med in 1974 (far from the ashram, with no contact with the guru). I make no hard claims for such an experience. This happened before I met any gurus.
When I began interacting with this pack of fools I regressed consistently. Gold, Da Free John, and Osho were especially dangerous…
The so-called ‘enlightenment’ was very brief…I ditched the TM method very early. I do not claim to be ‘enlightened’, the whole nonsense is useless… I have discussed the matter before. The point here is that gurus were absolutely of no help. And mantra meditation was not a cause of anything….I mention this because gurus tend to suppress consciousness…(the bodhissatwa path is one tactic to cover what is going on ) You almost certainly do better alone IF… (some big IF’s)
Since youre already enlightened (blah blah) none of this technically makes any sense…
You have to learn the lesson finally: all these gurus are fakes. Leaving the question: are there any genuinely enlightened gurus?
I fear they are exceeding rare and may not return from the ‘forest’. What happens with them is not what is peddled as ‘enlightenment’ in general
One must consider UG Khrishnamurti’s denunciation of the whole game.

Enigma of the Axial Age

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deciphering the history of religion…


We Can’t Let Hindu Nationalists Rewrite India’s History | Portside

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Source: We Can’t Let Hindu Nationalists Rewrite India’s History | Portside