“Choiceless awareness” is the catch 22 of buddhism/oshoism/yoga/advaita

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Choiceless awareness is the software flaw that leads to the wrong result. I suppose that that works well enough if you will it to be a method and you quietly do that, but in the context of a guru entitY (dead) it is a beautiful trick to make you let down your suspicions and end up a meal.
To neglect the factor of will is suspicious

The limits of the psychology of the buddhas (with sufism adding to the confusion)

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This post and other reflections here and at Darwiniana leave a strong realization that something is missing in the legacy of the buddhas. Noone, not even the ‘enlightened’ figures can really produce a full spiritual psychology, and the situation is about the same with figures like Gurdjieff, who talks a good game, but never produced a coherent psychology. Noone has one. There is a hint of what’s missing in Sufism, but the latter has no coherent version either, as far as I can tell…

Just a note…to be wary. Advaita is brilliant, but I think there is a contraction in its perspective…



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Review note: psychology of the esoteric

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The Osho gambit is dead…

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I have long been confused about buddhism, and now the same ambiguity surrounds the Osho gambit. But I think the answer is simple: some strains get selected, or self-select to become ‘religions’ and their whole character changes. Some dark and ruthless takes hold and autonomy is sacrificed to the future of the project.

I would be fearful this is happening to the Osho commune. the symptoms were obvious long ago, behind the enthusiasm. but the situation is a drastic one if you plan to have a spiritual path. the later are not allowed in religions. Bee advised…and consider how to win back your autonomy if it has been lost…


Bending the Curve on Climate Change with V. Ramanathan – YouTube

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Yoga reaches its final resting place in America// bullshit: Pot and Yoga Go Together Like Cookies and Milk, Practitioners Say | Alternet

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The results are in.

Source: Pot and Yoga Go Together Like Cookies and Milk, Practitioners Say | Alternet


Are esoteric gurus/sufis trying to stage mass murders to reap immense amounts of life energy (death energy)?

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I don’t know if I am unfair to Adhyashanti (but fuck you asshole, anyway), but my reaction to Guy macpherson was based on a moment’s paranoid suspicion that the guru world is going to do something EJ Gold peddled/discussed as rumor/aside: the promotion of mass murder/genocide by esoteric dark side figures to reap the life energy (death energy) to reap a great windfall, or other agendas, e.g. the deluded belief that mass murder feeds the planet, a perverted Gaian horror.

I comment on this because i have heard this discussed (by people in the Gurdjieff/sufi world).

It is a warning that strategies of murder pervade all these ‘spiritual’ domains from sufism to the Indic, granting the latter actual has some benign paths…

That’s why I got upset at Macpherson’s citation of an indian guru. Be wary of these creepy gurus. They would just as well like to see humanity either die, or die in large numbers…


April 2016 Hottest on Record as ‘Climate Emergency’ Grows | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

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This April was the hottest on record—and the seventh month in a row to break global temperature averages—setting up 2016 to be the hottest year ever, NASA has reported.

Source: April 2016 Hottest on Record as ‘Climate Emergency’ Grows | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


Climate Change Threatens Indian Bird Species – YouTube

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India’s Big Battle: Development Vs. Pollution : NPR

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Indian cities are among the world’s most polluted. And India is the third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide. If it finds a sustainable way to develop, it could be a template for the rest of the world.

Source: India’s Big Battle: Development Vs. Pollution : NPR


Do most buddhists end up soulless (anatta) dead zombies? the buddhist model of Oshoism? the endless rebellion and breaking the wills of disciples

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Anatta has a corrupt occult possibility. The whole doctrine of anatta is a history of confusions.

One of the problems I see here (reread this blog over the last two years and you’ll get the point) with the ‘buddhist’/neo-buddhist’ approach is that the buddha has to expend immense energy breaking the wills of his own followers. All creative types have to be reduced to obedience. It is an ugly process and I am going to make sure it fails here.
It is counterproductive in the modern age, but that is just what these archaic buddhists are aiming to do, cancel modernity and return man to the master/slave status. And the worst of it is that it becomes corrupt. The dead disciple can’t be enlightened, and his essential being is consumed as food.


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It was Osho who divulged the charge that buddhists created nazism (not I…)

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And I forget which of the three hundred books it was…We need to find the passage and make sure it isn’t edited out…


At this point I can’t go anywhere near the Osho sphere…

Sufism out the asshole of Islam…a cabal of evil?

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It is incomprehensible to me that sufis would try to murder harmless people like me, while bestowing baraka on gangsters….Stay the fuck away from them, and noting the many harmless idiots who call themselves sufis…as a rule of thumb anyone who calls himself a sufi is one of the harmless idiots…