Feral dog mode

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Now that I am outside the New Age movement I feel free (only of my own obsessions) but the point is significant. In any case I am ‘exterior’ to the Osho world, much better since I would not want to damage the Osho brand with ‘overseas californiac insanties’.
I revert to feral dog mode to roam the Indic astral plane for scraps of wisdom. I am not sure how a feral dog would match with a jungle tiger. Generally felines take flight from canines, but in this case, I am not sure: ‘that’ might scamper off howlinng.

born identities

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A men’s movement?

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Caliphate to commune-ism

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The enigma of stalled modernization

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http://darwiniana.com/2014/08/13/islamic-modernism-responses-to-western-modernization-in-the-middle-east/ The question of modernization…

Sharia/ fakirs, and all that

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Now outside the new age movement, I leave you that fart the Dalai Lama…why Mahayana is dangerous and should be scrapped

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Tibetan buddhism is doomed. We think that Islam is doomed, but that Tibetan buddhism has a future. Only the future will tell, but from what we have said the movement is in an untenable position. The whole path of the boddhissatwas is problematical, and I fear dangerous: buddhism is an open movement run by a closed circle about which we know nothing. Gautama the buddha’s place is ambiguous. Is he fully enlightened, passed away/beyond, or is he himself a boddhissatwa? Was he once thus, now passed beyond?
What is the fate of the boddhissatwa in the new age? Will he be ditched into samsara and done with? Will the new era honor the vows of the older? What’s with this vow? It sounds like something created by a drunk. To renounce enlightenment until, what, the end of time? Until everyone else is enlightened? How decide who goes next?
Clearly poetic language has entered the world of realism and the result will cast the unsuspecting into an endless cycle of rebirths with no contact with the path of enlightenment. What were the Mahayanists thinking?
The whole thing is nonsense.

And the result in the marginal case where an actual institution exists on this basis, the Tibetan weirdo state, the results are gross: a small coteries of reincarnating lamas feeding off an exoteric schools of dupes who after taking their vows will be dumped out of the sangha back into society, save only a few . The premises stated imply that the whole operation is about the endless, e.g. twelfth reincarnation of certain lamas: an entire infrastructure to deal with that. That implies that anyone not a high lama is not going to be able to find his way back, or remember his past lives.

So I think it is checkmate here…

Meanwhile the Dalai Lama with his political fantasies has apparently made a deal with perps of the war on terror and produced an instant Tulku in Stephen Seagal. ???
To sell buddhism off to the CIA and Hollywood and sell a zillion buddhists down the river deserves the designation fart, for sure. Save that Stephen Seagal is better qualified.
Recoiling in confusion I fear these people are retards, a frozen Himalyan monster awakened after a millennium of deep coma, only to roam briefly in the secular modern world, before falling over dead already in partial decomposition. Last opportunity for the heroic deed, of dragon slayer. Nuts. missed my glory moment.


The question of Islamic communism

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Communism and sharia

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Leaving the new age movement

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Exiting the new age movement is suddenly the absolutely right move. One ends with questions though, like what about the path to enlightenment?

A little reflection suggests the answer: if you are in the new age movement you aren’t on the path to enlightenment, but are stuck with a format for thinking you are. If you exit the movement the possiblity opens again in another form. But the secular world, seen right, is probably closer to allowing that path than most new age nonsense. All it needs is a little history. A bit overoptimistic: actually, as yogis say, nature’s leads her children to edge of ‘enlightenment’ and stops, and the modern transition climaxing in the (quite different) Enlightenment seems like an example: in fact, the enlightenment is already cracking its shell for a new birth of, …

In general, concepts of the path to enlightenment are in the way and the new age movement is stuck in millennia past.

The term ‘path to enlightenment’ is, in any case, gibberish as a term until defined. It points to something else beyond the language referring to it.

It reminds me of a ‘bad pointer’ in C programming: the code based on a bad pointer has lost its connection to machine code, and will crash during execution. The ‘path’ thus seems to be program in motion waiting to crash. And any way enlightenment seems not about the causal sequence of the samsaric real???

Osho and the pandit gobblers…

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Now I get it: Osho is trying to gobble a pandit. But he’s is stuck. He is beyond rebirth. What’s the use?

The mouthpiece market and the pandit cannibal circuit

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http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2014/08/08/ouspenskys-sad-fate/ This post is a warning of the danger to leftists in a new age context. It doesn’t have to be that way and there are easy ways to pursue spiritual subjects without this: never surrender. Never cater to retard sages who need a public writer for promo. etc….

It gets worse however: Da Free John gave away the info that ‘gurus’ will gobble up a Pandit, and with Ramakrishna gobbling up Vivekanda and then trying one last rebirth circuit

Fair warning to pandists everywhere

Dropped post/restored for the record

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The issue of Osho and surrender has solved itself, surrender is superfluous, be off is the message: anyone reading the posts here would not want me for a spokesman, mediator, or anything.

Suits me fine, I am off, goodbye to Osho, now a ‘beyond person’, and a (man-eating) Bengal tiger on the astral plane. But a suspicious tiger with a PR project. I think that once again I am unwanted, so the coast is clear and I will be gone soon!

My suggestions for a future project of twenty four buddhas in succession in the Osho buddhafield remains. Go for it.

Bye…nice whiskers on that tiger, wow….

Thinking osho still a person is a massive category error.
Bengal tigers, surrender and the jungle of buddhoid phantoms…


Exiting the New Age movement

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After the confusions of the last year, the last seven since The Gurdjieff Con started, I have no choice but to exit the New Age Movement, totally. Doing that requires fighting your way out of the sphere, but staying in it just enough to give the right ‘kick in the teeth’ to the phonies who want you to leave so they can exploit in peace.

That means the whole movement, and all of the gurus, plus the personal hopes of being a guru oneself. I would have made a good one, better than the mediocrities armed with black magic like the ones we have spotted here.
And that includes Osho and his project, if it was real. I can’t take seriously the idea I would be a guru in the line of the Jain classics prior to Mahavir. It seemed on the level, but now it seems like a set up.
The whole movement was destined for this: it was created on false premises. And it must start over with solid premises. The New Age movement arose because the modern transition was too Eurofocused, and had an incomplete take on the questions of human psychology known for millennia. That made it slightly regressive, although Schopenhauer nearly remedied the situation in one book.
You can tell the difference between bona fide modernity and the ancient ways corrupted trying to sneak attack modernity: Blavatsky and Gurdjieff are the two perps. They did their task, but bungled the job. The host of successors, the flood of gurus, have peaked, The symptoms in Gurdjieff/Blavatsky are dishonesty, lying, association with covert spy agencies, and much else. At the climax note the way Krishnamurti rejected the whole game, while Ouspensky went into revolt.
Rest our case there.


Ouspensky’s sad fate

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If you have the experience that I have had of the New Age movement you are open to a great relaxation in ditching the false, but still confront the need to be wary of the revenge drama these slave drivers will reek on those who try to escape.
I was shocked to realize that the Gurdjieff entity dead was in pursuit of the next birth of Ouspensky to try and fuck him as punishment for disobedience. And Ouspensky has no second chances in the ‘work’. That cabal turned, I am amazed, to the reborn Crowley as a substitute, given his more amenable stance toward ‘evil’ and ‘that’s ok’ attitude to being a junior devil, something Ouspensky sensed but was incapable of. He seems the only person with any integrity, and was/is appalled that his book should be a comeon for these devils, and that the author is banned from the premises. Anything that outrageous, kept from the public, shows the whole game is shot through and through. If you can catch the reborn person in his youth and manipulate his loyalties to a youthful enthusiasm and embrace of, wow, Ouspensky’s own book, that he forgot he wrote between births, you can ‘get consent’ to manipulate the unwitting dupe to ‘surrender’ at which point you can fuck up his life good, without informing him of who he is. The torture is pointless if the victim doesn’t know who he is. They save that for last, just now, the ‘ouspensky entity’ is starting to wake up to a wasted life of tormented confusion. And Gold found out about it and abetted it.

It is a reminder of what advanced yogis say: you must come to knowledge of your rebirth cycles. Without that you are floundering in confusion. But you may have no choice: you must try to mentate toward you liberation from persecution without any assumptions about or knowledge of your past lives. Sometimes people will help you: someone warned Ouspensky early on, but he still couldn’t shake loose from the confusion.
We need at least to help him here: a stupid devil like Gurdjieff couldn’t produce his own pamphlet and had to invultuate two hapless individuals to serve his purposes, and both in their next lives will be discarded, or worse, tormented.

Such are the dangers of ‘surrender’. If you understand this kind of situation, you won’t be apt to suck up to gurus any further.