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The dangers of gurus: do you really consent to being the puppet of a dead ‘buddha’? The Osho freak show // NO path is safe given the sufi plexus invultuation danger

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I am pulling away from my Osho venture of the last year. I was played nicely to divulge info on the great sufi secret (I was doing that anyway) but I can see some will try to use public information on the way to making their use of it secret all over again.

Given the dangers, I think the time has come to terminate the whole guru tradition: the more so since it can remake itself easily as an open process, viz. friendship. But spiritual surrender is dangerous in a global context. It is on the level of reopening the slave trade, except its worse.

We need a new class of liberators who can review the spiritual histories to detect and free the victims…

The buddhist esoteric zone is under permanent suspicion of trying to create a new fascist movement from the stealth ‘nice guy’ buddhism we see successfully transplanted to the West. Make sure you have agreed in principle to have no further say in this or your own between lives transmogrification based on conversion via sweet smiles.


The Osho commune….

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The commune needs to find a future in the context of modernity. Osho has merely brought the past into the present. The Osho commune….

Predators like E.J. Gold make ‘new aging’ dangerous

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This freak appears now to be targeting Indic religious formations (Osho disneyland), after a bogus but clever ‘take over’ of the Gurdjieff movement (which didn’t work…)

Jesus Christ is not your personal savior

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Whenever these paths go wrong, it is important to suspect sabotage from Christian sources. The sudden confrontation of religions in globalization makes competition turn into black magic.

They say Jesus was a buddhist. But no path to enlightenment exists in Xtianity….Xtians are simply herded like cattle through a mechanized system….you will be ‘saved’ to a future rebirth, instead of incinerated in the extermination bardos…

The status of human religion: in all cases, corrupt, dysfunctional, or criminal

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The slow motion shock of seeing that Islam/sufism, buddhism/yoga, xtianity/judaism are all corrupt and unusable makes one ask if homo sapiens is capable of religion. One answer is that if his guides are corrupt, he is helpless.
I think Osho commune is already a wreckage. In any case, I have to exit asap from the malevolent hatred of the Osho entity…
The Gurdjieff world is a monopoly battle of human demons.

Here secular humanism based on scientism has not helped: we can call religion corrupt, but we can’t play ostrich and negate a ‘spiritual (actually some kind of material) zone’.


Attempt to use seed/x factor to suggest only rightwing fascists will get souls…

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The above is total bullshit, sufis must have been dumb enough to try this, and we have suggested that powerful beings have intervened somehow and will seed future lefts here, if the latter can propose a spiritual platform. We have ersatzed several here, and in LFM, but perhaps more is needed. This issue will take time, and it is unclear finally what the plexus/x factor really is.
A basic spiritual platform for the left can
adopt samkhya as a materialist surrogate
axiomatize the ‘material’ nature of the soul
create two study zones: cosmology (god questions or no-god questions) and ‘consciousness/self-consciousness’ questions… No more is needed, …

Osho reverting to stealth fascism? The guru game is shot…destruction of autonomy to create ‘buddhist’ robots…How did (Gautama) buddhists create drone nazis?

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I am sensing that my left project was a bait and switch: the osho entity et al know they can’t play their game honestly in modern democratic societies.

There is no right for a buddha-type gangster to seize the unconscious of a devoted beginner to misuse that person for any, let alone fascist purposes..

The non-dual as a phony excuse to sneak in fascist antitheses…
We must consider that the ‘Gautama’ entity had passed away by the nineteenth century….

Seizing the unconscious using ‘disciple surrender’ followed by ‘rogue impulse’ blackmail is the secret of many wrecked disciples.

You cannot take away man’s autonomy, not even as a buddha…


Osho ….no friend…time to part ways

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It appears Osho was only interested in my ‘sufi connection’… well now I am long gone, under the circumstances. Some friend.

What out, guys, for new complicated hybrids of buddhist/sufi/occult ‘control’ teachers that will try to create a new form of robot.

The Gurdjieff Con/Darwiniana files as an XML document

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Update: darwiniana.com file link…


I am putting the whole contents of this blog and Darwiniana online at Dropbox in a public folder. This file can be opened in Dreamweaver, and microsoft Word (although sometimes this fails?). There are also multiple XML readers and, voila, just realized you can open the file in Firefox browser! That’s good, because Firefox allows ‘search’.

The xml file opens with some peripheral material. The blog starts further down with the first post: 2008:


Use “Ok, ready to go’ as a search string…

You can if you wish to deal with a renegade help to keep this information in existence. This is the only source I know of public information on the sufi legacy depicted…


You can of course open the file in a wordpress blog: you can use the Wamp Server (windows) to create everything needed on your own computer. You can then import the xml file.

Brunton classic, The Short Path….gurdjieff dupes need a fast exit from rogue sufi terrain

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The Short Path to Enlightenment: Instructions for Immediate Awakening Paperback – September 7, 2014 by Paul Brunton

Here is an interesting book from long ago, now, by Paul Brunton on The Short Path. This angle has been developed over the last generation by many in the new age circuit. (It also seems to be rapidly entering the pop spirituality market in a rising tide of commercializations.

If ever there was a long path with no short path it is the madhouse of Gurdjieff and sufi devils. Slip away stat and you can use this to become aware of the simplicity of the issues. There is going to be a problem somewhere here and I don’t know if the people who have pursued this (I have been obliviously on the side lines for that last thirty years) have found it. But there is a short version of the Short Path which is not a path but a simple clarification on the level of simple information of the paradox ‘There is nothing to achieve’, ….

Ouspensky/RB is wrathful at the way he was used to create false advertising for a bunch of sufi crooks. Those caught in the net need an exit strategy. Best find it soon.

Rogue sufism and control of plexus/x …best to give it a wide berth…

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The issue of the seed-plexus phenomenon has been left in frustrating ambiguity.
Best to just know about it and pass on for the nonce. There is no chance of getting anything correct in such a morass of disinfo. But the knowledge of the existence of such mysterious spiritual ‘technologies’ can be a guide to the future. In the current context this ‘technology’ sets you up for the sufi slave markets and is to be avoided. In the process I would bypass sufism and gurdjieffianity. These are cabals of devils and don’t intend to help you with you spiritual path (guffaw)….

By making these issues public I hope that it will force the issue on public accountability. But this could backfire and allow rogue sufis to carrot dangle all this to exploit. Consider the irony: making it public scrambles the method. The original must have required great trust among a cloistered group of virtuous people
But this tech can’t fall into the hands of mafias or covert spy agencies who could create drone beings condemned to endless suffering. We have already noted the connection to ‘jewish nazis’! People will do anything to gain control of this. I don’t think they can succeed.

The whole question is completely useless at this point. I am not promoting anything. Making such info public will I hope shut down a sufi exploitation racket and demand this spiritual method be done right.

Man as he is has a sufficient strong ‘soul’ structure to persist through many lives and can achieve completion of his being without mephistophelean help from sufi psychopaths.

Note my motivation here: I am no friend of sufis. A spiritual technology such as this made public will ‘discombobulate’ the centepedes…make its use come to a stop because everyone will know what they don’t know, and sufi lies and invultuation will be harder.

The whole question of sufism to a relative outsider like myself has always been confused with the issue of ‘demiurgic powers’, to use Bennett’s phrase (to which he gives a false definition) and/or alien questions. There are many hints of such connections from various sufi sources. Which means nothing among such liars.

The point here is that soul technologies must source in such cosmic powers, and perhaps such are the only ones that can deal with this situation.
Let me note the hint in Last and First Men that among such powers are those who represent an ‘esoteric left’. Don’t let reactionaries like Gurdjieff bamboozle you.



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As noted I have left the new age movement and thereby severed all ties to gurus, and their (fascist) routine in the background.

I think with Osho the confusion of dead guru shows way to enlightened and the trogoautoegocratic swindle of Gurdjieff leads to some understanding of the way paths turn into demonic traps…
The problem is that the ‘dictatorship of the buddhas’ makes such an autonomous decision a fight for you life against these dead monsters…


Re/de-constructing the spiritual in a secular context –

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From cuddly buddhists to….//from yesterday// Gautama was a fascist gangster…

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http://www.tricycle.com/blog/whole-spiritual-life Look at this heartbreaking buddhist thrive.
It is under the shadow of the ‘dark lords’ which has long included buddha, or that which replaced when he passed away from his sangha…
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