The new new age movement…//Reformations, modernities, and trans-xtianities in the rocket seat…tell the Pope

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Hybrid of commune and communism to stage the sufistic legacy for the future?

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Actually, despite a high rascality component in the Commune, it would make a good hybrid with communism for this sufi mystery which is in danger of falling into the hands of some nasty villains. If you thought Gurdjieff and Gold were bad…

Impudent Gold comment

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Jake said,
05.22.15 at 4:08 pm ·
LMAO at the fools attacking Gold… none have the courage to meet with him face to face… fools and cowards.
nemo said,
05.23.15 at 6:04 am

LMAO? what’s that. You sound like Gold wants to meet anyone face to face. He is heavily protected behind a near phalanx of protection.
So the lack of courage is on the other side. I can think of dozens of critics who would be more than happy to confront this coward who uses black magic behind his protectors against powerless people who have no proof he has mindfuck3ed screwed, invultuated, quite possibly ‘murdered’

It is not foolish to attack fascists, who believe in genocidal mass murder.
Gold has over the years attracted hundreds to his site/game, obtained their surrender/allegiance/sign on dotted line (surrender means in the fine print absolute surrender, signing your life away),and then sending them packing so he and his sufi cohorts can exploit an exterior ‘disciple’ without anyone knowing what is going on. It is outrageous. Outrageous. All of Gold’s students need to be declared free and dis-surrendered, effective immediately.
This is how the sufi slave markets work. And many will remain entangled in their next lives. These people need to learn to abjure the work, sufis, gold, gurdjieff, gurus, surrender, and absolute obedience. ASAP. Certainly prior to death.

Ouspensky did no less and was very exact about abjuring Gurdjieff and the work at death…


More on that fascist fart front the Dalai Lama and the heil hitler wing of the buddhist sangha, very compasssionate…

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Meanwhile the real culprits in the buddhist sangha remain invisible. I have, if you recall, demanded the Tibetan buddhist organization disband, be wiped off the face of the earth (speaking non-violently). We don’t need a gang of ‘buddhist’ fascists bent on their last chance at world domination running an outfit of clown bodhissatwas (i.e. people who are guaranteed to be without consciousness) under the leadership of a sweet zero like the Dalai Lama. These people will predictably support rightist social organization.
In the same fashion the Gurdjieff world consistently screws liberals and will attempt to destroy those further left. Gurdjieff and others were part of the deep background of the sources of the neoliberal generation and the period at the end of the nineteenth century is a strangely unnerving source of the many movements trying to destroy modern democracy. The age of Nietzsche…

The heil hitler and it’s over game…Time to pull rank on the Osho ghost…

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In a way the Osho entity was clear: after a year plus of a leftist consideration of his teaching seemingly supported and suggested the game shifts into reverse and right on schedule the fascist angle appears, albeit as a result of my inadequate research on the commune. I think the center of gravity is closer to the left but the real issue is the ‘dictatorship of the buddhas’ and that ‘if I say so, Heil Hitler’. This bullshit should not have appeared in the Rajneesh world and the legacy of dharma has been invaded and corrupted by this rightist occultism. It is obvious the Osho commune is a profitable enterprise and wouldn’t contribute anything to social justice as far as I can see. Since that was obvious more than a decade ago I am a little puzzled by the invitation to an opposite perspective.

In all of this we haven’t had a single comment from any sannyasin, or the courtesy to even communicate a difference of opinion. It is all, there’s that outsider with no place in the pecking order. I think the Osho entity is experimenting with something, but I am not going to be kept in the dark by this higher wisdom which looks more like a wild devil on the astral plane.

Enough of Osho consideration: we need a contribution to a leftist movement in a specific form or statement. It wont happen. But you can bet that with a fascist or rightist pitch a whole gang of sannyasins will right on it in jiffy fashion.

I need to sever contact with Osho here. He has mindfucked me and used a gesture of friendship to screw me. It is getting pretty thin to consider that some other entity using Osho’s ‘face’ to conduct a campaign of harm.

It’s on me: I was willing to take the risk to make a point, but my Osho relationship is down the drain.
The moribund commune will continue in zombie spiritual commerce. As noted once before I would like to see the books on this org. It is smelly and gives the odor of corruption.

bye. But it was Rajneesh who had the courage to expose the fascism in the buddhist sangha.
It is hard for me to figure what’s going on here. But the failure of any sannyasins to open a conversation shows they are deadbeat tantric asses who will heil hitler into oblivion on demand.

We have the obvious question of how a spiritual organization could adopt a leftist ideology, etc,… It is obviously unrealistic to even spit in that direction. The answer is that when the chips are down the right gets to walk in and take over.

Meanwhile buddhists need to consider that the sangha is over when it’s over.

However the Osho source did actually indicate a series of leftist gestures. Maybe that’s all we can expect at this point. A ghostly dead buddha is a pretty far gone state of affairs. Pax vobiscum on these ghosts. Time to pull rank of the Osho ghost.

Mindcontrol to make people attack Osho?

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I will come to a full stop here and suspect (the two way system of murder) hostile Gudjieff/sufi characters are adopting a mindcontrol attack on Osho via the impersonation of his form. So I will be wary of attempted attacks, but also start to ask why the ‘osho’ entity offers no protection to those with Gurdjieff/sufi entanglements. Or maybe he does, but the situation is so confused it is no longer possible to figure anything out.
We are talking about how Gurdjieff students can extricate themselves from the Gurdjieff ‘work’.


A challenge to non-dual spirituality…

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Before I give a challenge let me recommend its study. Students of Gurdjieff have gone nowhere over the last generation. The realm of X-Advaita (neo-, etc…) has seen a lot of activity.

Ramana and the brahman hindu problem…

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Before going this route I should say I don’t reject the Osho formulation completely. It can be rescued and is one of the few gates to the future for the dharma. You know, Ramana Maharsi was great guy, and a Brahman. Does it matter? You are darn tooting it matters, and its matters to this enlightened sage. And it will matter to the seekers who spiral down into the lower castes by rebirth after their failed sadhanas. That’s a lot, guys…

The Osho formulation to me represents something that can rescue dharma from rancid hinduism, proceed toward a new era of spirituality. But the fact remains it straddles two eras and will remain stuck there.
Indians need to consider the issues carefully. The New Age launch window will be brief…

Opening fire on the Osho con

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Another exhausting battle with a guru. One needs to learn the lesson: never consent to surrender with an Indian or sufi guru. With Osho I find a strange contempt: the last straw, he (‘it’) invades my sex center for a little ‘we’re in charge’ humiliation.

The last few months are the last straw. Done with Osho, and ready to fight my way out of the Osho circuit. I will be fair: the ambiguous ‘two way system of murder’ is a bit convenient for the enemies of Osho.
Actually this happened before in 1992 or so when I broke away or was separated from the Rajneesh era as I went to do my WHEE research and book (he never interfered with that in any way).

I think this is appropriate: I have absolutely no real connection with Osho, and he seems willing to torment me (thought Ouspensky) in cahoots with Gurdjieff. So this is a rapid cashiering of Osho fantasies.

I think he is misguided here. How stupid. I have wrecked Gurdjieff here. Does Osho want the same? Actually I am mistaken to refer to a person, and, actually, he may not care…
The Osho emergent commune seems less organized than proto-buddhism, and dissipating.

I need to simply sever the Osho connection for good. It is going nowhere, is another con and setup, and the source of dangerous loss of control in the ‘loss of will equals path to enlightenment’ bullshit/con.


Flipping the bird to Osho and making it mean something…escaping the clutches of the dead vampire gurus…

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If you read backwards on this blog you will see the way that everytime I try to move on from the Osho entanglement I end up right back in the same rut: doing Osho promo. It is a curious trick that I am beginning to get tired of. And it has exhausted my energy and patience, and my respect. It is also a test in a way: if someone can enter the unconscious to do malicious things then the test of your autonomy is a given. One has to learn. It is a lesson Osho may not have learned himself: becoming enlightened is very nice, but there is a negative side…
The issue is simple: Osho doesn’t respect personal autonomy and destroys meditation to maintain control.
That routine is getting to be dangerous.
The answer will be to break free from this situation with open warfare to destroy the relationship with Osho. I am powerless and yet have a lot of weapons: the main weapon is the loss of all affection for Osho. I will try to expose the situation in some negative reviews of Osho books at Amazon, a general critique of the Commune, a challenge to escape fascist background unconsciousness, and while Osho isn’t quite the fart that the Dalai Lama seems to be his legacy was marred very early by a series of confusions and these, despite the disinfo and outright lies from his enemies seem to stand in judgment. In fact, this is an important issue to study: the triumph of Being in the enlightened sage is not necessarily matched with a triumph of Will: I think Osho was attacked early on by enemies in the background (at the level of sufis like Gurdjieff, to say nothing of rival buddhists who wish to destroy upstarts challenging Gautama) and being enlightened may not be a defense here.

I have seen this very thing myself–from Osho, and no doubt his enemies, and, …mine. It is very unnerving to be attacked in the deep unconscious. It is part of what fascinated Osho about Gurdjieff: the ‘master’, not just the ‘teacher’. I don’t think that proves much about Gurdjieff save that he is a demon. But I think Osho dead is moving in this new area and looks for areas to experiment. He seems to shift between mastery and passivity: the passive witness as enlightenment watching ludicrous sequences without will.

I am not going to be one of his phony successors. I never at any time had the slightest tendencies for such delusions and its sudden appearance about two years ago was and remains suspicious: being set up. There is a valid side to this, to the side! The idea of a progression of teertankers like the progression up to Mahavir is an external idea no doubt suggested to me: take it under advisement. It might be a useful exercise as the commune slides into mechanized consciousness.

Meanwhile I need to resolve the personal contradictions of a life that has still found no ‘path’. That’s the source of my sudden suspicion of Osho: it’s fun having visions of the dead, but nothing with Osho has every increased my level of consciousness. Interacting with Osho is always a loss of consciousness, and will. Why is that?

Meanwhile the boundary of sufism and ‘buddhism’ or ‘dharma’ or the ‘path to enlightenment’ is confused and dangerous and the issue of the sufi seed/plexus phenomenon is treacherous and confusing.

This is also a familiar situation where Gurdjief/sufis/xtians want to make the Osho world self-destruct…

Buddhists to the rescue of the Commune?

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Buddhism, in light of previous post, is not really a consolidated unity. There is a huge fragment of the buddhist legacy that can stand up to reactionaries in their ‘sangha’. In any case buddhism is starting to dissolve and to pass into a new era as a set of memories, hopefully practices. Buddhists should look at the attempt at their future in the ‘new sangha’ of the Osho commune, an instant train wreck, but still a hint of the future. No matter how hard they try the buddhism of Gautama will break up in the new era of modernity.

I think Osho should become the ‘zeroth’ in a Jain-like progression of twenty-four teertankers. The resources of buddhism, after the progression of reactionaries to the guillotine, can be of use. The dharma has survived three age periods since the Neolithic, buddhism being a key exemplar of the greater legacy (the mush heap called ‘hinduism’)…

Here’s the bottom line: the ‘nazi’ connection, whatever it was, is decisive: I terminate my Osho project with respect to the left. Period. Ditto for buddhism

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I am nearly insane here, but i think this record is useful.

Here’s the bottom line: the ‘nazi’ connection, whatever it was, is decisive: I terminate my Osho project with respect to the left. Period.

the left needs to study and figure out how not to be whiplashed by ‘nondual’ trickery that produces a nazi out of a communist. We saw that history in the early twentieth century. And we don’t have to play games here.


Leaving the ‘work’ mess behind…evacuating the suckers

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Gurdjieff et al are going to end up ditching their own movement, in typical sufi plunder style, and it will be left in Ouspensky’s lap. There can only be one solution: leaving the ‘work’ movement behind, and an effort to try to help the ‘suckers’ who won’t give it up to break the attachment to a big Zero.

The followers of Gurdjieff/Ouspensky need to walk away from the whole game. It is a manifestly dishonest set of concepts concocted with considerable guile by Gurdjieff, but he was careful to leave no specifics of referents with the result that nothing follows from anything. A good example among many is the concept of the ‘fourth way’. It is a non-standard concept. It has not specifiable tradition or exemplars. This could be unfair: there may be an esoteric legacy never made public, but we don’t know and can’t be sure. We must take Gurdjieff’s word for it, and he is known to be unreliable. We thus expend a large amount of energy on an undefined, or partially defined, concept, but we aren’t ever sure if we are on the right track.
Buddhism and yoga are clear. They state what they do, the methods, and the result is open. But with Gurdjieff everything is a reference, incomplete, to something ‘esoteric’. And we aren’t cleared, apparently, for the full information needed to start. But as with everything to do with Gurdjieff we are induced to start, but always without a full picture. In the final analysis it amounts to a mindfulness exercise, but one laden with all sort of dubious extra concepts that confuse the clarity of serious ‘meditation in action’. We have all sorts of distracting nonsense, such as cosmic hydrogen 24, evidently connected somehow to the energy of self-remembering. But what is the connection? The whole game is a species of gibberish, an attempt to look original with something that is clearly made up from bits and pieces, made up as he went along.


The Ouspensky asset…

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Almost my entire interaction with Osho has been a waste. I think he saw the Ouspensky connection and saw the chance to get a ‘property’ where everyone else was an Ouspensky hater. But I think Osho failed here: he turned the Ouspensky entity into a caged pseudo-disciple, one he wouldn’t even allow contact with his commune. He wished to exploit this mysterious man for his work, and yet he also wished to destroy him. Time for a goodbye, and a good trek out of the zone of influence, ..

I can’t stop these people if they think I was Ouspensky, but I have to be on my way.

Note: I have never made any claim to having been Ouspensky, but have been forced to deal with this idiotic question anyway…

All this said: there could be a way that sannyasins could help here.
I think the Gurdjieff ‘work’ should be abandoned, and it might help to direct the remnant to the Osho field, as Osho himself suggested.

Maybe time to move on from osho…

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I have to apologize to the left for the wasted effort of trying to find an Indic spiritual study zone for leftists/revolutionaries/communists. The weakness of historical materialism suggests some very simple broadening of perspective, but my preoccupation with Osho has gone nowhere. Part of the problem is dead guru syndrome. Beyond that lies the insidious and deeply rooted fascism latent in much of the Indian religious right. It is hard to put one’s finger on it, but I think Osho/Rajneesh simply blew it here. Many things in his early public teaching derailed, and this is one of the cases, one that I have never properly evaluated due to the confusions of slander and the confusions of tailoring a public image. One thing is sure, Osho was no hypocrite and did his non-dual nazi number without fear. But I am not required to go along with him. The abuse of non-duality here is stupid on the part of all of these gurus.
In retrospect the issue of fascism was in the background of the whole new age movement which needs to be plowed under at this point…
So fart in the face of Osho is the fair token of emnity from now on. He can join the Gurdjieff cannibal circuit (he already has) an prey on his own disciles…eh? that’s right…I have spent the last year in confusion (the two-three way system of murder/???) but now I can see that the trick is to imply ‘enlightenment’ as the ‘end of will’ and exploit that destruction of the will as the STOP of guru cannibal games,….dead gurus….

Maybe time to move on from osho…