The Damned: the strange death of James Webb

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By email from MBFM The Damned: the strange death of James Webb On the afternoon of 8 May 1980, after two years of a deep, paralysing depression and at least one psychotic episode, a brilliant young Scots historian of ‘the occult’ put the barrel of his shotgun to his head and blew his brains out. […]


Fake James and the Gold spiritual rapists

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Let me note again that a fake ‘James’ using the now disconnected email address of the old James has been posting comments here. Since the original James wasn’t banned, the system will allow this trick for a while. Let me note that this is typical of Gold students, who think nothing of harming others and […]


The real James???

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This was perhaps my mistake for letting the original James post anonymously, but I didn’t want anyone to find out who he was (note what happened with Sillykitty from way back revealed his identity). He was a very intelligent student of Pali Buddhism, and wouldn’t have given a figure like gold the time of day. […]

A fraudulent ‘James’ exposed as Gold groupie

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Which James This fraudulent “James” has just confessed. I am sorry he has been around this long. His attempt to clone the original James was suspicious from the beginning, but he was clever in aping his views in short segments. I will comment further here, and remove his comments as soon as possible. As usual […]


Which James?

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Note: the James comment here is not clearly from the James who commented here in the past. I have no proof these are the same person. Update: apparently this fake James gave himself away.


More on primordial Shaivism: James comment

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Comment on Summary re: Danielou James said, 21.06.10 at 10:12 am · I understand your desire not to connect Indic spirituality to the Indo-Europeans, but I would caution you that the primordial Shaivism theory is extremely speculative and scanty on the evidence. The problem is that most of this theory is derived from the Puranas […]


Anonymity? note to James

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More from James: Thanks for the clarification. In this situation it means a lot to be clear about one’s intentions. As to SK I was left wondering myself, and thought it some TV charade??? As to New York and a meeting: thanks a lot for the gesture, but I am not there but on Long […]


Note to James

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Comment on Buddhism and Junk Sufism James said, 16.12.09 at 3:17 pm · John, You have misread my departure. As you’ve noted, my posts have decreased substantially in the past few months after 2-3 years of posting with extreme frequency. Again, this has nothing to do with the Shadow of the DL or anything like […]


Dire warning to James

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Context of The Shadow of the Dalai Lama I was a little upset by James’ declaration of moving on, since it seemed timed to the critical work on Buddhism cited, and well critiqued by him. I think we will miss his input as in that case. I think I must say something I have always […]

James Arthur Ray email link

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James Earl Ray discussion Oprah Winfrey is THE person who literally made James Arthur Ray. Oprah put the blatant scam-artist James Ray on her TV show several times, when she did her shows on The Secret. Oprah introduced him to her naive audience, and James Ray went to town with it. Before Oprah, James Ray […]


Note to James and MBFM

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I am very grateful for the comments from both of you, and, as mentioned before, if you wish, it is possible to assign blog priveleges so you can write up posts yourself. Actully, leaving comments, and my reposting them is actually an efficient method, but if you wish to work on the inside of the […]


Response to James on Pali tradition

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MBFM comments on Pali Tradition and Axial Age mybrainisafleamarket said, 16.11.09 at 8:53 pm · Here is some material that James may be able to help us with. Am glad nemo gave us James information as an article in its own right. It lead me to a very interesting website giving information about Abhidamma—which is […]


James comments on Danielou perspective

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Commment on Danielou post James said, 03.09.09 at 3:22 pm · I think the Dravidian hypothesis is just as problematic (if not more so) as the Aryan. For one, the earliest attestations of Tamil show a very heavy influence from IA (in contrast, the impact of Dravidian on IA has been extremely minor). Also, the […]


Two comments from James

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Two comments from James on James, Bennett, and Pali Buddhism Perhaps it is my paranoia. Actually, the question of Bennett is a lost cause, but I think that his basic model is transparent and ought to be rewritten for the public domain, free from the Gurdjieff angle. That may prove impossible, but as you observe […]


James, Bennett, and Pali Buddhism

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I was amused, and pleased in fact, that in trying to discuss Bennett’s thinking in The Dramatic Universe, James appears to have ‘counterattacked’ with some material on Pali Buddhism. An apt rejoinder, and welcome here. I can tip my hat to James, and recommend Pali Buddhism myself (although I don’t endorse anything at this point […]