Sillykitty’s old charge: EJ Gold as intelligence asset

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We once had a discussion here about the stuff of the previous post when ‘Sillykitty’ was commenting, and explicitly chargin EJ Gold with doing occult work for the American Intelligence agencies. I scotched the idea at the time, but for such a person to be an asset for a CIA agency, and operating from the […]


Sillykitty and a poem from Roethke

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Comment from SillyKitty, a poem by Theodore Roethke Welcome back to SK, once a frequent commenter here and at Darwiniana during the heroic phase of exposing Gurdjieffianity and EJ Gold. SK was a victim of Gold’s black magical ops, and testified to that here. sillykitty 2011/07/19 at 2:12 am The Waking I wake to […]


Sillykitty parts ways

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I deleted this post from yesterday, and now I hear from sillykitty that he is parting ways, I presume, because of genuine fear of retaliation (and/or disagreements?). Too bad. Catching a black magician in the act doesn’t happen everyday. In fact, I fear SK’s cover is blown. Best of luck Sillykitty, don’t blow your cover […]


Gurdjieff and the rightist attack on liberalism

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Gurdjieff, Gold, and the rightist attack on America: Many people have taken offense at the challenges to Gurdjieff (and Gold) here, but they have been misled by the surface bluff of these people. As better insight might come from studying what the Republican right has wrought in the last forty years: the fruition, among other […]


Expose of EJ Gold

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Remarkable comment with alarming signature on EJ Gold: Suicide#9 suicide@suicide.com 2011/07/17 at 10:37 am EJ Gold is a dangerous criminal who hides behind the cultural (literary)heritage of his father, his own deceptive spiritual work, the scores of idiots who follow him, and his “connections” with the world of celebrities. I am convinced that his […]


Tracking down the ‘rape charge’ post

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http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2008/07/28/ouspensky-and-gurdjieff-the-rapist/comment-page-1/#comment-37233 Comments on the ‘rape’ claim: scroll below to find the original post. In the early phases of this blog I was extremely wrathful on the Gurdjieff phenomenon, even as SK (sillykitty) brought his/her charges of ‘spiritual rape’ against EJ Gold. The claim was from Orage originally! Hassan said, 11.07.11 at 8:17 am · Edit […]


The real James???

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This was perhaps my mistake for letting the original James post anonymously, but I didn’t want anyone to find out who he was (note what happened with Sillykitty from way back revealed his identity). He was a very intelligent student of Pali Buddhism, and wouldn’t have given a figure like gold the time of day. […]


Getting past the Satsang guru gang

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More comments: Lozowick et al. # nemo said, 22.05.10 at 5:50 am · Thanks for comment. All this preoccupation with Lozowick, Da free john, Andrew Cohen, and worst of all E.J. Gold, is a waste of everyone’s time. These people are in the business of preventing your spiritual path, as far as I can see. […]


Marrs on the ‘fourth reich’

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I was looking quickly at: The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America Jim Marrs This book (which I haven’t yet read) is of interest because its author wrote Crossfire, one of the best factual explorations of the JFK assassinations. I think he deserves a read through of […]


Who was SK?

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Comment link: http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2010/01/11/gurdjieff-spies-intelligence-agents-and-911-literature/comment-page-1/#comment-35733 jim Buck said, 12.01.10 at 7:57 am · Who is (or was?) SK? And what are the grounds for his/your suspicion that Gurdjieff was a spy? (A friendly warning, though: http://www.forteantimes.com/features/articles/264/the_damned_the_strange_death_of_james_webb.html You can read about SK=sillykitty on the posts here: http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/index.php?s=sillykitty He was attracted to this blog (originally Darwiniana) because of his […]


Archive: Gold, genocide, and rightist esotericism

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archive: april 2007, darwiniana The Gold/sillykitty thread, continued.


Issuing a warning

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Two more comments from Mr. Hercules Washington. Mr. Washington, I will give you two more comments, then be on your way. If you don’t like our critiques of gurus, then you will have to live with it. Your criticisms are off the mark. By your own admission you have no involvement or knowledge of Gurdjieff. […]


Sufi hyenas on the lookout to vampirize/invultuate poets for reactionary agendas

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MBFM in Gurus and creativity throws down the gauntlet here on the question of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and creativity. Bravo for the nerve to spit it out. However, never be too sure of anything, and keep probing/reflecting on this. There are many dimensions to these tricksters. It is true that Gurdjieff lacked ‘creativity’, but a number […]


Origins of sufism

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Comment on Burton on Sufism James said, 21.03.09 at 8:44 am After reading through several books, I’m guessing that there aren’t any reliable historical accounts of Sufism. Apparently, its beginnings can’t be traced back any further than the late tenth century and without the doctrines that would become associated with it in later times:http://books.google.com/books?id=nYOh6T-sw9IC&printsec=frontcover&dq=julian+baldick#PPA35,M1 It […]


Da Free John…e j gold…spiritual rape

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This guru was one of the most subtly destructive in my experience, often, I suspect, for people who had nothing to do with him (he had to treat his in house disciples differently), such as myself. People need to be warned to never ‘guruize’ from a distance with a book. If you thought Cohen or […]